3 cuts of dresses in which owners of different figures will look perfect

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Tailored, shirt and A-shaped – these dresses are very versatile and lie well on every figure. They not only emphasize your assets, but also mask any weaknesses

A dress is one of the best elements of clothing. What is its strength? First of all, we do not have to combine the top with the bottom, but we already have a ready set. All you need is an appropriate outer garment, shoes, a handbag and possibly some jewelry. Dresses are also suitable for many occasions – everyday, for work, for bigger outings or less official ceremonies and meetings. It all depends on the cut, color, pattern, length and material from which it is made

We have prepared a short review of dresses that are so versatile that they can be worn by almost all women, regardless of figure and size. This is especially helpful for those ladies who do not know what they look best in and what cuts to choose.

A dress that accentuates the waist

It is said that a woman’s body should be similar in proportions to the hourglass – a narrow waist and a full bust and hips. Not all of us can boast of this, but everyone can emphasize the waist. Slim-fit dresses expose the narrowest part of our body, even if we don’t have a spectacular waistline or we’re plus size.

A great example are envelope dresses, which are tied with a belt like a robe. Such a cut beautifully wraps around the silhouette and slenderizes it, and the V-shaped neckline looks extremely feminine. Loose bottom allows to hide wider hips, thighs or protruding tummy. You can also bet on a plain dress or expressive animal pattern, stripes or very fashionable flowers.

On the other hand, slim-fit knit dresses look very good too – soft, sweater-like, wrapping. They are very comfortable to wear, and thanks to emphasizing the waist they do not disrupt proportions, even if they are quite loose. They may also optically add a bit more body for very slim ladies.

Depending on your preferences, you may tie yourself with a thin ribbon, fabric or leather belt of different width. Decorative buckles are also popular, although they work best with plain colors and rather without distinctive patterns.

Emisette or shirt dress

Chemises are reminiscent of an elongated shirt (the inspiration for their creation was the men’s shirt), and this, as we know, is considered the basis of a woman’s closet. And very well. A shirt dress with a delicate collar and button-down looks extremely favorable on most figures. A lot depends on whether you opt for a sleeveless, short-sleeved, long or one that ends just below the elbow (this one also slims us down and draws the eye to the waist)

Chemises can be made of stiffer material, denim, corduroy, delicate cotton, linen or viscose, which do not restrict movement. You can also choose toned down shades of navy blue, grey, juicy red, strong green or an interesting pattern, for example, panther.

Another advantage of dressing gowns is waist underlined with a belt. Thanks to this, the silhouette takes on a feminine shape.

Trapeze dress – A-line

This type of cut – fitted at the top and gradually widening towards the bottom – is also recommended for most body types. They usually reach to the knees. Some may have a strongly emphasized waist, while others have a mini length and very wide cut, which is recommended for slim and tall women

Trapeze dresses conceal wider hips and thighs, but at the same time give a rounder shape to petite women with a boyish figure. On the other hand, if you have a protruding tummy, you can opt for a deeper neckline or a corset top and a slightly thicker and stiffer material.

If you want to draw attention to your wider hips, go for a strapless or heavily decorated top. It can also be in a lighter color or an interesting pattern.


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