Drinking chlorophyll - why do most currently incorporate it into their health rituals?

Drinking chlorophyll - why do most currently incorporate it into their health rituals?

More and more people want to consciously take care of their health. That is why yoga, healthy diet and living according to a daily rhythm are popular. More and more often we hear about some pro-health innovations that are supposed to have a positive impact on our body and well-being. A hit of recent years is chlorophyll, which is worth including in your menu. We can prepare this life-giving drink by juicing green leafy vegetables, fruits or algae. It is a simple way to get the best from nature

Green shakes are drunk by many people who want to take care of their health and a balanced diet. It is chlorophyll, a product of photosynthesis, that is the most desirable component of such a drink. It turns out that the juice of the leaves has a lot of properties that work wonderfully on our body, mind and general well-being. To prepare a delicious cocktail, all you need is a blender or a juicer. It is worth making them from the leaves of spinach, broccoli, kale, celery, parsley. The spicy taste is easily improved by adding apple, kiwi or banana juice

What properties does chlorophyll have?

  • It purifies the body. By drinking chlorophyll we cleanse ourselves of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause disease.
  • It regulates pH, so the body is not acidified
  • Slows down the natural aging process. Extends the life cycle of cells.
  • Supports digestive processes. Great for the development of bacterial flora in the intestines
  • Removes unpleasant odors that our body produces
  • Helps cope with stress by replenishing magnesium deficiency
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle in women


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