Tooth restoration – in what situations is it necessary?

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Sometimes you find that a tooth needs to be restored. With current methods, this is not a huge problem. There are numerous solutions to help you enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. Read on to find out when you should opt for such a procedure

Even if a tooth is badly damaged, it does not always have to be removed right away. Dental offices offer alternative methods that are extremely effective. It is best to ask a professional dentist for details, as he or she will best choose the treatment. There are a few indications for tooth restoration. Some of them are a weak crown, its abnormal appearance, fractures or root canal treatment. Many people also opt for these treatments to improve the aesthetics of their teeth

Damage to a tooth

Tooth restoration is necessary if there has been some mechanical trauma. With a small cavity, composite is often used, and with a larger cavity, fiberglass is used. The latter method is very popular. It is also recommended for restoration of a tooth after root canal treatment. It can be done even during one visit to the office. Such material is durable and aesthetic. In case of large damages prosthetic crowns are used. They are usually placed on the natural root. Making such a crown requires grinding. However, it is a very comfortable option, which in addition to the natural appearance strengthens the tooth. It provides it with proper strength. Such a procedure consists in a complete covering of the damaged tooth. At the same time its shape is restored and an appropriate color is chosen. Dentists often use porcelain crowns. They are characterized by high aesthetics and durability

Advanced caries

One of the most common reasons that force the dentist to cover a tooth is tooth decay. Especially when it occurs at an advanced stage. After its treatment a cavity is left which needs to be got rid of. In case of a bigger problem a simple filling is not enough. Sometimes a more professional procedure is required, especially when the destruction of tissues is extensive. In this case, crowns are often chosen. Such a process is painless for the patient. However, it is necessary to choose a professional place to perform it. A modern dental office should have appropriate equipment, such as a microscope or a prosthetic milling machine. If the equipment is of high quality, it will bring definitely less risk associated with the treatment. Tooth restoration should not be feared because it has many advantages. Among other things, it improves aesthetics because it is done very accurately. Apart from that, a lot of materials are stain resistant. This will help keep your teeth in good condition for a long time

Aesthetic issues

Bonding has become a common method of tooth restoration. It allows you to improve their shape and color in a quick time. It is a non-invasive technique that uses composite resin. Make sure that such procedure is performed by a professional. He must have the right education and experience. He should also stick to the rules of safety and hygiene. A person working in health care must have a special medical gown. The tools used to perform the procedure must be sterile or disposable. Bonding brings many benefits, including the removal of permanent discoloration. It also helps with uneven teeth, if for example one of them is too short in comparison to the rest. The effect is obtained almost immediately, so it allows for a brilliant metamorphosis. Such restoration is also recommended for diastema, if someone wants to get rid of it for aesthetic reasons

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