White spots on nails – is this a cause for concern?

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White spots on the nails is a condition that occurs quite often. It affects people of all ages, from the elderly to children. Usually this does not mean anything serious, it is just a signal from the body. Such discoloration of the nail plate can indicate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but also diseases of the nail, or micro-injuries. How to deal with white spots on nails?

White spots on nails – what are they?

Spots and discoloration that appear on the nails can indicate many conditions, from trivial to serious. White, irregular spots that appear on the nail plate occur singly or in a larger group. They occur relatively often. Leukonychia – this is the professional name for the white spot on the nail. It was once thought that it arises as a result of low levels of calcium in the body, but there are definitely more reasons.

Where do white spots on nails come from?

White spots can actually form due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. However, this is not the most common cause. Moreover, their formation is not affected only by a deficiency of calcium, but also zinc, potassium, protein and magnesium.

Leukonychia can be a symptom of heavy metal poisoning or even a side effect of chemotherapy.

There are three types of leukonychia: true leukonychia, apparent leukonychia, and pseudoleukonychia

They differ in the mechanism of formation and the direct factor that influences their appearance

Often this condition has a genetic basis and is unlikely to indicate serious health problems

How to get rid of discoloration on the nails?

In case of leukonychia there is no symptomatic treatment, but it is necessary to eliminate the factors that cause it. Unfortunately, there is no golden remedy for this. You should find out the cause of white spots and then start treatment.

Similarly, if a deficiency of vitamins and minerals is responsible for white discoloration, it is necessary to include in your diet ingredients rich in these compounds. In addition, supplementation can be helpful.

When leukonychia is caused by a fungal infection, antifungal agents should be used.

In case of other illnesses, it is advisable to cure them first. This will certainly affect the condition of your nails as well, and the white spots should disappear.

Treating white spots on your nails is a process that requires patience. If you are grossed out by the appearance of the nail, you can cover them up with nail polish. In the case of fungal infections, it is worth consulting a podiatrist about this possibility.

White discoloration in children

White spots on children’s nails are not uncommon. However, it is worth watching them carefully and if they appear frequently, you should seek medical advice. In the case of children, nails are often micro-traumatized, which are not visible to the naked eye, and in addition children put their hands in the mouth and bite the cuticles or nails.

The risk of leukonychia can be minimized with proper care.

Proper moisturizing and protection of the nail plate is a great prevention. It is also worth paying attention, whether during cosmetic procedures does not occur micro-trauma. In addition, loading the nail plate with artificial nails can lead to the formation of white spots. It is recommended to wear short nails

Diet and spots on nails

As in all cases, it is the diet that plays a key role in the condition of hair, skin, bones and nails. A well-balanced diet, rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, prevents the formation of discoloration on the nail plate. It should be supplemented with appropriate supplementation

Prevention of white spots on nails

White spots on the surface of the nail are not a reason to panic, however, it is worth knowing the cause of their formation. If they appear too often, you should seek advice from a specialist.


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