Do you feel that your bust is too big? We tell you how to hide your bust size with the help of clothes

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Can large breasts be a problem? For some women it can be an asset, others actually dream of making it a little smaller. Optically, we can easily do something about it with the help of clothes. Check how to do it

Big bust – our disadvantage or advantage?

There are women, who dream about big bust and decide even on surgical intervention to achieve their goal. However, there are also those, who have been blessed by nature in this subject, but they are not happy about it at all. If you want to know how you should dress to hide your bust size, we have some tips for you

How to look elegant when you have big breasts

Big breasts are a woman’s adornment, but it really takes a lot of sense to style yourself skillfully in such a situation. Fortunately, there are tricks that will make it easier for us. When it comes to styling women with big breasts, the most important thing is to keep the right proportions of the silhouette. If you stick to this, you will look favorable and feel great in your body. Most women have in their appearance something they would like to emphasize and something they prefer to hide

How to visually reduce your bust – try these styles

According to some people, hiding a big bust is quite a challenge, but we think it depends on the right approach to the matter. Your bust is beautiful – you just need to know what clothes to choose. Cut, color, material – it all matters if you want to look your best. You should definitely avoid embellishments in the bust area. A fitted turtleneck is not the best option either.

What type of neckline to choose for a big bust?

The right neckline can work wonders. The one with a heart-shaped neckline will be the perfect option for you and this is the type of blouses and dresses you should bet on if you want to achieve the desired effect. The neckline should be quite deep but not vulgar. A sweetheart neckline ending where the bust line begins will be the perfect solution. It is worth to find out about it.

An envelope dress is a great outfit for you

A dress with an envelope cut is definitely something that should be in your closet. You will look great in such a style – usually these dresses have the right neckline for someone who wants to hide a large bust. Envelope dresses are gorgeous and very feminine – be sure to try reaching for one. It will expose your waist and model your bust lines. That’s the point – to take the attention away from your breasts and focus it on your waist, for example

Avoid flashy patterns and decorations

An eye-catching pattern or a jabot at the bust is not a good idea for women with big breasts. Dark colors and plain fabrics work well in this case. Beware of animal prints – they attract a lot of attention. The same goes for fabrics. Elastic and very tight fabrics make big breasts more visible. The right cut, cut and material of blouses and dresses will undoubtedly help you hide your bust size!

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