How to measure bra size without mistakes?

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Going shopping for new lingerie? Check out how to measure your bra size without mistakes and never have problems with mismatched bras again!

How to check, whether you are wearing an ill-fitting bra?

Correctly matched bra must have perfectly fitting cups. Bra’s waist on the side and in the back should be at the same level as its front part. It must fit snugly and stick firmly to your body, so it doesn’t move anywhere if you decide to shorten the straps. They should lift your breasts, but not cause discomfort or dig into your shoulders or pull up the strap of the bra. Want to measure yourself properly? Go to a lingerie store

How to measure bra size correctly?

If you do not have time to visit a store, you can measure yourself in 3 simple steps. First you need to measure your girth under the breasts, that is the place where the bra strap will be. Then check the bra sizing online to see what size your girth is. This way you can compare the size of your previous bra to your current bra

If something is falling out of the cup, a bigger size will be necessary. On the other hand, if it falls inside, you need to buy a smaller cup. Well-chosen bra size is a guarantee of comfort and freedom of movement, which will improve your well-being. A bra should immobilize breasts, so that they remain in place even during movement. This is extremely important in the case of sports bras, which must keep the breasts in place while running or performing various exercises

How often should you measure yourself?

Due to women’s hormones, aging and weight changes, bra size often changes. It is worth taking regular bust measurements and checking the condition of our bras, as they get worn out over time. Through frequent washing, the material stretches and stops being narrow enough to hold breasts still. At such moments it will be necessary to buy new bras

Bras usually last from six months to a year. By wearing three bras alternately, they should last from a year and a half up to two years. Of course, this option is only possible if your size hasn’t changed and the bra still fits you perfectly. If your bra fades and the straps become loose, it means that it is time to say goodbye to it

Signs of ill-fitting bra

How to know, that your underwear is ill-fitting? Be sure to check, whether your breasts are secured in the bra and do not fall out from either side. Well fitted bra covers the whole breast. Pay attention, whether your cups do not wrinkle. If so, they are too big, because they should cover the whole breast exactly. The part, which provides the greatest immobilization, is the bra’s waist. It should perfectly adhere to the body. Does your belt move? Choose smaller cups.

Look to see if your bra leaves any wrinkles. It should fit your body perfectly, but if it does not, replace the girdle or cups with smaller ones. The role of a bra is to support your breasts and hide any imperfections. If it is well chosen, your breasts will look sensational. If your breasts look saggy or uneven then it means it is time for the next bust measurement.


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