How to stop time for your hands? 3 effective ways

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Time is sometimes inexorable for the skin, especially for the hands. Its aging process can also be enhanced by inadequate care, especially in winter. How to stop time for your hands? Learn 3 effective ways!

Hands age faster than other parts of the body. But what exactly is it with them? It is said that they are our business card and immediately betray our age. Care of hands is of great importance, because they are most exposed to harmful substances

The skin on our hands has few sweat glands, so it is also exposed to drying. And as a result, wrinkles and discolorations appear on it faster, but also various cracks. It is also a fact that hands are exposed daily to chemicals and sudden temperature changes, which are unfavorable for them. Interestingly, the so-called “tap water” does not have a good effect on their condition. You should also be aware that the loss of collagen and elastin on the hands occurs much faster than on the rest of the body. How to effectively take care of your hands? Learn 3 ways!

How to care for your hands?

  1. Proper hand washing

Hand washing is important. Water alone is not enough to take care of their good condition. Soap will be our helper in getting rid of all the bacteria that have multiplied there during the day. Hand soap should have the right pH for our skin. The best is the one with moisturizing ingredients, such as olive oil or almond milk. Let’s also remember about protecting our hands! When washing dishes, try to wear protective gloves.

  1. Moisturized skin means healthy skin

Rapid aging of the hand skin can be prevented by proper care. Moisturizing is very important! Start with a gentle exfoliation, using an enzymatic scrub purchased for this purpose. You can also prepare such a scrub on your own based on coffee and sugar. When buying creams, pay attention to their composition. They should contain vitamin E, which has a nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating effect. A good hand cream should have sunscreens that prevent discoloration

You should also take care of the skin around the nails. It is best to apply oil on the cuticles around nails, because they need deeper care, so they do not grow on the nail too quickly. Remember that the cuticles should be well moisturized. All oils contain nutrients that positively affect their condition. We recommend oils with additives of jojoba or grape seed oil.

  1. Treat your hands to a SPA

You can easily do hand treatments at home. Prepare a herbal bath for them. To prepare the infusion, you will need 4 tablespoons of marigold flowers, which have a regenerating effect on your hands, because they contain vitamin C, triterpenes and carotenoids. A potato poultice will also soothe and regenerate the skin on your hands. How to prepare it? Boil 2 potatoes, then mash them and mix with egg yolk and 3 tablespoons of warm milk. Potato in such a concoction provides starch, enzymes and protein, which have a smoothing effect on the hands. They also contain vitamin C, which lightens discoloration on the skin of the hands. Ladies have also fallen in love with flaxseed baths and like to treat their hands to it. To prepare it you need 2 tablespoons of flax, which you need to pour water and boil for about 5 minutes. After the concoction has solidified, soak your hands in it for 15-20 minutes. Such bath will regenerate the epidermis


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