Can blush in makeup work as a lift?

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Not only bronzer, concealer and highlighter are able to model and slim the face. Blush is the perfect tool for this task. Contrary to appearances, blush is applied not only to the cheekbones. See for yourself!

A brief history of blush

Our face has a natural ability to blush – whether due to strong emotions, embarrassment or physical exertion. The blush makes us look fresh and radiant, revitalized and rejuvenated. They appear when small blood vessels dilate, causing more blood to flow through the skin.

Since ancient times, women have used various ways to add color to their cheeks – applying beet juice, lily of the valley rhizomes juice, crushed mulberries and strawberries, and even pinching the skin.

Blush, as a cosmetic, is almost 160 years old. It was created by Monsieur Alexander Napoleon Bourjois in 1863 for theatrical makeup. It had a loose form. Then pressed blush was available. And so blush made its way from the stage to everyday life and became a permanent fixture in our lives.

Types of blush

This cosmetic of all times is in almost every makeup bag, even for women who are not fans of makeup every day. They come in such a wide range of colors, that there is no problem with choosing the right shade for yourself. Blush suits all types of beauty and complexion – warm, cool, neutral. It beautifully complements the makeup, it is the icing on the cake. Depending on your preferences and the occasion you can bet on a very delicate color or on the contrary – a very visible one.

In stationary and online stores we can find cheek blushes:

pressed (in stone, powder) – the most popular, applied with a brush on the already powdered face;

loose – usually mineral, extremely durable, applied with a brush;

in cream – very durable, applied before powder, they give a distinctive, but natural effect, however, require a little practice

in stick – convenient to use as if painting with a lipstick, they do not require a brush, they can be applied very precisely and smeared with a finger;

liquid – long-lasting, applied with the finger, ideal for a natural look.

Draping – contouring the face with a blusher

After contouring the face with bronzer and concealer, followed by highlighter (strobing), it’s time for draping, or contouring the face with blush. This technique was already known in the 1980s, but now it’s gaining popularity again, which is mainly seen on social media, mainly on Instagram and TikTok.

Draping involves the skillful and delicate application of blush not only on the cheeks, but also on the brow arches or jawline, as well as the temples and highest points on the forehead. This will create a shaping, slimming effect while giving the skin a fresh color and rejuvenating it.

You need two shades of this cosmetic – darker and lighter. We choose the type individually, according to our preferences. Apply the first shade below the cheekbones and the second one on the cheekbones and other areas, such as the mentioned arches of the eyebrows, temples, forehead and jaws. Then we blur the line between the two so that nothing stands out and there are no blotches.

There’s a reason draping is called a facelift. Blush applied in this way can do real wonders to our face, optically “lift” cheekbones, narrow the forehead or give shape to the chin.

However, you should remember to choose only products with a matte finish. Satin or glitter finish products may make us look dressed up, tacky and caricatured.

Moreover, draping can be used both for a very natural, invisible make-up no make-up and for a strong make-up for an evening out.


Main photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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