Here are some cosmetics to cover up imperfections

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Makeup is a way for many women to add to their self-confidence. Although most “flaws” are really only seen by us, they can affect how we feel on a daily basis. By enhancing our assets and hiding the things we don’t like, we can feel like goddesses. See which cosmetics can help you hide your facial imperfections.

A good base and foundation

Skin has a natural texture that can sometimes be affected by small imperfections like blackheads or enlarged pores. The best way to fight them is a well-chosen and systematic facial care. However, this is a long-term process, which brings results only after time. If you want to quickly cover up these problems on your face, choose a pore-filling makeup base. It will make your face smoother and prolong the life of your foundation

The foundation itself is also important. Choose a foundation that is right for your skin type. Dry skin will benefit from moisturizing foundations, such as oil-based foundations or light moisturizing creams. Oily and combination skin on the other hand, needs durability and stress relief as the sebum secreted by the skin makes foundation wear off more quickly. In this case light mattifying foundations are a better choice. Also, if you have strong discolouration, do not be afraid of strong foundations.

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Concealer and powder

Concealer and face powder are other beauty products that will help you create a flawless complexion. If you struggle with blemishes, skin inflammation, discoloration or scars, concealer is your best friend. A high coverage product will conceal the changes in your skin tone that foundation can’t handle. Spot covering the problem areas will help your face look smooth and uniform in color.

Powder will fix your make-up and mattify your face. Its use prevents makeup layers from shifting on the face and delays the wearing away of previously applied products. It is recommended to powder the face especially for girls with combination and oily skin. For dry skin, powder can only accentuate and aggravate dehydration. If you have dry skin, use powder only when you use oilier cosmetic formulas or need extra longevity

Highlighter and bronzer

If you want to slightly modify your facial features, highlight or hide them, opt for contouring. Use bronzer to create shadows, which will hide or emphasize certain facial structures. Thanks to it you can give yourself a real facelift

Highlighter is the opposite of bronzer. It reflects light and draws attention to the parts of your face covered with it. You can use it to highlight your cheekbones or to accentuate your lips. Skilled contouring really works wonders, so if you want to slightly modify your face shape in a painless and non-invasive way, learn its techniques

Makeup is a way to enhance and bring out the beauty of every woman. Light makeup will help you boost your confidence by covering the imperfections you notice on your face. But remember not to cover up your beauty with colored cosmetics, on the contrary, highlight the characteristic features of your face, because they make you unique. If we all looked perfect and the same, the world would be boring


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