5 tricks to quickly hide fatigue

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Many young people suffer from fatigue. However, there are situations in which we need to hide them. Learn tricks to help you feel better and look more rested.

1. Cooling Eye Mask

Your eyes give away a lot. And so does your tiredness. After a sleepless night, your eyes look puffy and dark. You can remedy this by applying a cooling eye mask. Use gel masks or special collagen sheets available in drugstores. Gel masks are a bit cheaper and importantly are reusable. You can find them in the form of bands. Before applying them to your eyes, be sure to put them in the freezer for a few minutes. After just a few minutes, they will make your eyes stop swelling and you will feel refreshed.

If you do not have such a mask, there is also a much cheaper way to get rid of puffiness – frozen cucumber slices not only moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes, but also reduce fatigue.

2. A quick facial massage

Fatigue also takes its toll on the appearance of skin – it’s more earthy and less flushed. To change this, give your skin a quick massage during your morning skincare routine. You can do it while washing your face with a foam or gel. Use gentle circular motions around your eyes and pull your skin up from your chin to your cheekbones, alternating sides of your face. At the end, apply your favorite cream and necessarily eye gel such as arnica.

Even such a short massage will make the skin better oxygenated and its natural glow will return. Improving microcirculation soothes irritation and improves blood supply, including essential skin minerals and vitamins. Over time, the daily ritual provides other benefits, such as more relaxed facial muscles and a shallowing of facial wrinkles.

3. Cool Shower

After a hard day, there’s nothing better than sleep or a cool shower. Not only will it refresh you, but most importantly, it will restore proper blood circulation. This will make your skin firmer, tighter and fresher over time. Alternately hot and cold shower will improve the condition of your skin and your whole body. During such bath you can also perform a massage with a soft brush, which additionally removes dead skin, so that nutrients will be better absorbed.

4. Take care of your posture

It is not only our facial expressions and gestures but our entire body posture that shows how we feel. To hide our bad mood or fatigue, it is enough to straighten up and raise our head slightly. Walking confidently, with your head slightly raised and shoulders lowered will not show your tension and stress caused by a sleepless night. This trick may save us during an important meeting or presentation.

5. The Properly Accentuated Eyes and Cheeks

Many people pay attention to the eyes during the first meeting. They are the mirror of the soul, so your tiredness will also be hidden in them. If you don’t want someone to think you are too tired, make sure to frame your eyes properly. Use a light mascara and concealer to lighten dark circles under your eyes. Applying a light eye shadow is also a good way. Apricot and peach shadows make us look fresh and radiant

On the other hand, avoid strong eyeliners and eyeliner on the lower eyelid, which may optically make your eyes look smaller

Cheeks look girly if they are slightly highlighted with highlighter or light blush. Choose a blush according to your complexion – if your skin is fair, use a pink or light peach tone. Bronzer looks better on olive skin and tans.

And now for the bonus! A smile is the best way to hide your tiredness! Raised eye corners and dimples in your cheeks make your face look younger and more attractive!

How to avoid constant fatigue?

To avoid fatigue, it is a good idea to get enough rest. Sleep a minimum of 7 hours and take 15-minute naps during the day if necessary. Avoid excess coffee and replace it with mineral water and natural juices. Also, try not to worry and plan days off to spend with your loved one and family.


Main photo: Drobot Dean/ stock.adobe.com

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