Beading Supplies: Tips for Selecting the Perfect Beads for Your Next Bracelet

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The art of beading is an exciting hobby that can help you express your individuality, but before you can get started on your first bracelet you’ll need to gather all the bead supplies you’ll need to do so. This list will help you find the best beads and other supplies for making your next bracelet project come together seamlessly, so it’s time to start shopping!

The type of beads you select will depend on the overall look you’re going for

A wide variety of beads are available to you, but not all are created equal. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your beads. 

– Use round or oval-shaped beads instead of faceted ones if you want a bracelet that is delicate and understated. 

– If you’re looking to make a statement with your bracelet, opt for brightly coloured beads or large faceted ones. 

– For an elegant look, use pearls or crystals. 

– For an earthy feel, choose semi-precious stones like jade or turquoise.

Consider the weight and feel of the beads in your hand

A few things to consider when choosing beads are their weight and feel. If you’re using a lot of small beads, it’s important to make sure they’re not too lightweight or they will create gaps in your bracelet. The same goes if you’re using heavy beads, make sure they are not so large that they weigh down your bracelet and make it difficult to put on or take off. It’s also important to note how each bead feels in your hand some may be smooth while others are rough; some may be cool while others are warm. You’ll want to use both lightweight and heavy-weight beads so there is a nice balance between thin and chunky strands of beads in your finished piece.

The hole size of the bead is important for both function and aesthetics

Different types of beads will have different hole sizes. This is important because you’ll need to thread your string through the bead, and if it has a bigger hole, you’ll have more difficulty getting your string through. Plus, in terms of aesthetics, if you have beads with small holes, they might fall out too easily when they are not secured properly. You also want to be careful that the bead won’t slide around on the cord once you’ve threaded it. If this is an issue, there are some strategies you can use. One way is to tie knots between each bead or put beads at either end of a long cord so they’re anchored in place by gravity. The other way would be to take pliers and twist any part of the string where there’s tension against the cord so that it’s tighter at those points – this will help keep the beads from sliding around on your bracelet.

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