4 daily activities that accelerate the aging process and the formation of wrinkles

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Eating right, avoiding stress, and living a healthy lifestyle are very beneficial to us. But are there activities that harm us and, above all, our skin?

1. Improper nutrition

We hear about the importance of eating right from an early age, but we are often unaware that it affects not only the appearance of our body, but also our complexion. A balanced diet allows to maintain its youthful appearance for a much longer period of time.

What ingredients should we pay special attention to when planning meals? These include, above all, nuts, cucumbers, linseed and sea fish. They contain many vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3, omega-6 acids that allow to maintain an even skin color without discoloration and faster regeneration of tissue. Specialists in nutritional prevention also recommend eating foods that contain proteins of plant and animal origin

The aforementioned sea fish is one of the few recommended fatty meals, as it should not dominate the menu, as well as cakes and any other sweets. Toxins derived from them will contribute to the unfavorable appearance of our skin – a dull color, pimples. As time goes by we should appreciate vitamins even more, so it is worth adding about five portions of vegetables and fruit to the menu every day.

2. Drinking too little water

Did you know that the moment we start feeling thirsty, in fact, our body has been feeling it for a long time? If you look closely at your skin, you will notice the initial signs of dehydration much earlier. First of all, it loses elasticity, will start to wrinkle, and will look unnaturally tight. Dilated pores will become visible.

This is tantamount to a weakening of the hydrolipid mantle, which is responsible for protecting the skin against too much epidermal water loss. it “passes” from the deeper layers to the epidermis and eventually evaporates. How to prevent this process? In addition to the obvious, drink enough water (every day!) and hydrate from the outside in. To do this, try to minimize the amount of cosmetics you use, especially those based on detergents. Remember to remove makeup thoroughly, cleanse your face in two steps and choose the best day and night moisturizer for your skin.

3. Staying in the sun too long

UV radiation-we remember to protect ourselves in the summer, but we are exposed to it all year long. It contributes not only to erythema and burns but also damages collagen fibers. As a result, accelerates the aging process, depriving the skin of firmness, elasticity and exposing it to faster formation of wrinkles and first wrinkles. They are most visible in areas such as the face, décolleté and neck.

So be sure to get a cream with a light consistency and SPF. SPF 50 is best, but you can also get it in the form of a mist, powder or foundation. They are recommended especially because of their high comfort of use. Remember that the lighter your natural skin tone, the more vulnerable you are to the negative effects of photoaging.

4. Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health… and for your skin. It weakens the skin’s elastic fibers (and therefore its elasticity and firmness) and stimulates the production of free radicals. These are incomplete oxygen atoms present in the body. Free radicals indirectly contribute to the formation of blackheads, wrinkles, the appearance of discoloration and a grayish hue of the skin. Cells die as a result of severely weakened elastin and collagen fibers.

This is particularly hard on tobacco-smoking women. They notice vertical furrows above their upper lip prematurely. If you want to avoid and maintain as long as possible a healthy, young-looking complexion – it is necessary to give up cigarettes.


Main photo: Maksim Goncharenok/ pexels.com

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