What and how to care for my eyelashes?

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Beautiful and long eyelashes surrounding the eye add expression and mystery to the look. No wonder that most women dream about dark fan of thick, black lashes. Unfortunately not all of us were blessed with naturally beautiful eyelashes, so we have to improvise. How and what to take care of eyelashes so that it’s safe for the eyes, but also effective and pleasant? We suggest!

Care and natural ways to grow eyelashes

The most safe, inexpensive and effective in thickening and lengthening of eyelashes, will be natural methods. Although they do not give immediate results, they are as effective as expensive conditioners sold in drugstores. If you do not want to overpay and have some patience, start with proper eyelash care. A thorough, two-step makeup removal is a must. What’s important here is how you remove your makeup after a long day and what product you use. Micellar liquids are not able to fully dissolve and remove mascara, and cosmetic residues block the growth of new lashes. When washing off makeup, be very careful not to tear out your lashes. Unfortunately, often when rubbing with a cotton ball a few of them fall out, and such an action every day will make your lashes thin and weak. Use makeup remover oil and your hand instead of a cotton pad to remove mascara. This will be a much gentler, yet more effective way to get rid of any remaining cosmetic residue from your eyelids. After dissolving the mascara with the oil, wash your face with a regular cleansing gel, not avoiding the eye area. The gel will emulsify and wash away the oil, and you will not expose your lashes to damage

After you have thoroughly removed your makeup and washed off the oil, you can proceed with the actual conditioning. Castor oil, which you can buy for a few zlotys at the drugstore, has been known for years for its properties for hair. Whether on your head or face, when growing a beard or just your eyelashes, this oil stimulates hair growth and makes them naturally thicker and darker. You can apply the oil to your lashes with a special spiral brush, which you can buy at Noble Lashes online store

Professional methods

If you lack patience and want to achieve a visible effect in a short time, bet on professional methods of lengthening and conditioning eyelashes, used by beauticians. The most popular nowadays is sticking artificial eyelashes to natural hair, which makes them look thicker and longer. During such a procedure, with the use of tweezers for eyelash extensions, a beautician sticks synthetic or natural (for example from mink) hair to the hair growing out of the eyelid using the 1:1 method. This is not stressful for the roots of the eyelashes, as the hairs are not so heavy as to strain them. You can also buy eyelash extension accessories and do this procedure yourself. Many women have tried it during lockdown and it turns out that it is wcanie not such a difficult task. Apart from extensions, lamination and eyelash lift are effective in optically lengthening eyelashes. Both of these treatments are based on the same principle – they nourish the lashes, which become more distinct and curl them upwards, making them appear as if they have more volume

Long, stunning lashes that are thick and long are within your reach! Choose, depending on your wallet and patience, the eyelash extension method that suits you and enjoy a beautiful, deep look that creates a black fan on the eyelid. Whether using home or professional methods, you can get a delicate and natural effect or the impression of lashes like a doll. It all depends on your beauty and preferences.

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