Tan – how to keep it for a long time?

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Beautifully tanned skin is a dream of every woman. So what to do to make sure it stays with us as long as possible? We suggest!

In summer some women spend hours in the sun to get a beautiful, bronze shade of skin. A natural tan is very desirable nowadays. It makes us look healthier and more attractive. So it’s no wonder that most women are looking for ways to keep it with us as long as possible. We check which ones are effective!

Think about your tan before you go out in the sun

To keep that beautiful bronze shade of skin longer, we need to prepare our skin for tanning. If it’s healthy and properly hydrated, we’re sure to enjoy our tan for longer. That’s why it’s a good idea to scrub your whole body before you go to the beach. This will remove dead skin, so our skin will not peel later, and the sun’s rays will reach it more easily, stimulating the production of melanin. In addition, peeling will make that we tan evenly. It also ensures better blood circulation in the skin, which will have a beneficial effect on pigment synthesis

Another important issue is hydration. You should remember about it all year round, but a few days before tanning it is especially important to apply body lotion. It is also worth bearing in mind that moisturized skin is less likely to sunburn.

Tan gradually

When you go out in the sun, always remember to apply tanning cosmetics. At first, think about those with a higher sun protection factor. Your skin also needs to get used to the sun. If you don’t protect it, you may get a sunburn. Then it will be red, there will be a burning sensation, itching, and finally it will begin to peel. You should be aware that the tan will last much longer if it is created gradually.

After tanning, you should always lubricate your skin quite a bit, for this purpose you can use lotion or oil. This is important because after exposure to the sun, the skin must rebuild the lipid layer on its surface.

And what to do when we are already tanned and want to enjoy brown skin longer?

Once you have a beautiful tan and your skin has the desired shade, you need to take care of it so that it stays with you as long as possible. You can use special cosmetics to prolong your tan – they are available in most drugstores and pharmacies. If you do not have them, you can use moisturizing or oiling cosmetics with vitamin A, panthenol and allantoin

You can also use light bronzing cosmetics or self-tanners that will highlight (or artificially create) our tan or enhance its effect.

A proper diet can also be helpful. You should eat plenty of products rich in beta-carotene, i.e. vitamin A. It can be found in carrots, pumpkin, red salad, tomatoes and spinach. If we eat a lot of these vegetables, the beautiful shade of skin will certainly stay with us for longer. Beta-carotene can also be taken in capsules if, for example, we are not lovers of the above vegetables or are allergic to most of them.

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