How to give clothes a second life?

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Nowadays there is a lot of talk about ecology, scientists appeal to reduce the amount of garbage produced by humanity, and the zero waste movement is becoming increasingly popular

Did you know that it takes as much as eleven thousand liters of water to produce one pair of jeans? That significantly changes the perspective of buying new clothes, doesn’t it? Most of the clothes we buy in a year, a few months after purchase become trash and end up in a landfill. That’s a huge amount of water, energy, and human labor that is wasted and disrespectfully discarded to keep up with trends. See how you can give your clothes a second life so you can wear them for years and not throw away clothes that are still usable!

Resizing your clothes

If for some reason your clothes no longer fit you, nothing lost! You can resize them both ways using a sewing machine. Simple alterations will make oversized clothes fit again. Sewing in an oversized garment so that it fits again is not difficult, and you can do it even as a sewing novice. If the clothes are too small, by adding pieces of fabric in strategic places you can enlarge them by even several sizes. Janome machine will make it easy to change the size of your clothes despite inexperience.

Interesting additions

It often happens that after a few years of wearing clothes begin to get bored. They go out of fashion or simply cease to be attractive. Probably every woman has been in this situation, but if the clothes are in good condition, you don’t have to throw them away

Just a little creativity is enough to give the clothes a new life, for example, by adding to them pieces of colorful material, interesting patterns, or patches. Janome offers a wide range of sewing machines, both for beginners and more advanced sewers. Adding personalized elements to your clothes doesn’t always require a sewing machine. Simple patches, which you can buy at the haberdashery or online, can be sewn on by hand. Motifs related to series, bands or movies can really liven up an old t-shirt or jeans.

What machine should I use to start my sewing adventure?

While you can do many simple alterations by hand, there comes a point when it’s impossible to complete certain projects without a sewing machine. Then the dilemma arises – what model of machine to choose. At the very beginning, it is not worth investing in very complex and advanced models, because most of these functions you will not use anyway. However, pay attention to the fact that the machine had all the basic modes and a few additional varieties

The Janome Jubile 60507 is an ideal model for beginner seamstresses. It is easy to use and allows you to realize both the simplest and a bit more sophisticated projects. For the beginning of your sewing adventure, this is an excellent choice because this machine will serve you for years, even when you have developed your skills.

Throwing away clothes is a very big problem in our society. The ubiquitous consumerism has caused clothes to be thrown away after two seasons and replaced with new ones when they could still serve for several years. You can be eco-friendly and look fashionable. By altering your clothes you can save a lot of money and always dress original.

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