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The rise of mobile browsing has changed the game in e-commerce. Google’s recent algorithm update, Mobilegeddon, has placed an even greater emphasis on mobile-friendly sites, which impacts search engine rankings and affects organic traffic to your site as well as conversion rates. 

The most important thing you can do to drive more traffic and sales through your website? Make sure it’s optimized for mobile search engines! Here are five simple tips to help you make sure your e-commerce site is ready to be found by mobile users in search engines like Google and Bing.


Mobile smart phones and tablets account for more than half of the total time spent online. It makes sense, then, that optimizing a site for the small screen can be important. With many people preferring to shop on their phones and tablets instead of browsing with a larger PC or laptop, it’s no wonder why.

In fact, retailers that responded to a survey said they would invest 67% of their digital marketing budget on mobile devices this year, which is an increase from 53% last year. With the shift towards mobile shopping, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to embrace change and provide consumers with a user experience that suits the needs of their modern lifestyles.

Mobile-First Index from Google

In early 2015, Google announced a major change to the algorithm used in their search engine. This update was called the Mobile-First Index. When it came out, a lot of people were confused about what this actually meant. The main idea is that their search engine will use the mobile version of websites if there is no way of accessing the desktop versions.

SEO-simple-steps for mobile devices

Every optimization agency starts with these few steps. You can try to implement them yourself, but for better results it is better to reach for the help of competent Tauranga SEO expert. You have to take into account not only trends and technological novelties, but also take care of technical aspects in the treatment of ranking factors.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has increasingly been seen as the best way of delivering a website across all devices, not just desktops and laptops. More than 1.5 billion people globally are now accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets. A responsive website enables you to create one site that can be viewed in any web browser on any device type and this helps ensure search engines like Google find your site easily, irrespective of what device is being used to search.

Make your site load fast

One of the most common e-commerce site optimization tips is to make sure that your site loads quickly. Google gives higher rankings and better exposure for websites that load in three seconds or less. In addition, a page with a 100% load time would provide a more positive user experience, as it would save their time when they visit your site. The user might choose not come back to your website if it takes too long to load the pages. Check your Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console and Google Anayltics panels.

Optimize your product pages

For the best user experience, make sure that your product pages are mobile optimized. Think about how you want the page layout to look on a smartphone, and then mirror it in your desktop version. Don’t forget any essential information like pricing and shipping information, and make sure everything is easy to find from menus or tabs at the top of your website. Make buttons large enough so they’re easily accessible. Give shoppers the option to filter products by color, size, brand, and more with filters on either side of the screen.

Make sure you get good reviews

Making sure customers are satisfied with your company is very important. If people have good reviews about the company and what you sell, it will influence future consumers to make a purchase from your site. Reviews and comments on the site from customers can also help promote online reviews in other areas such as Google+ Local and Facebook by creating business pages or adding reviews, in addition to your individual social media accounts.

Include call-to actions on each page

At the end of each page, there is a call to action. The goal is to get people to go deeper into your site and also incentivize users with free samples in exchange for taking some of their personal information. You should offer incentives like early access or exclusive promotions. You can even offer coupons, discounts or product specials that are only available on your mobile app. 

Wrapping up

Utilizing these strategies and tactics should help you improve your mobile marketing campaigns. You’ll find that mobile will only become more important as time goes on, so it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can optimize your e-commerce site for mobile search. Remember that the e-commerce industry forces you to follow trends. It is now worth considering the eco e-commerce model, the buy now and pay later or voice serach payment method. The right SEO in Hamilton will help you take care of every aspect. What for? Because there are over 20 million online stores on the web.

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