How to wear sweatpants? Here are some inspirations

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Tracksuits are a typical home outfit for most Polish women. No wonder, they are comfortable, provide great freedom of movement, and well-fitted sweatpants can cover up minor figure flaws. Fashion is a living organism and changes all the time. In the era of pandemics, when during lockdowns and quarantine most women were just functioning in sweatpants, it became not only a home or sports outfit, but also a fashionable style. See how to wear tracksuits


The most popular association with tracksuits is, of course, sport. Everyone needs freedom of movement during physical activity, and this is what tracksuit bottoms provide. By now it is the obvious choice for running, going to the gym or training outdoors. Just because you are going to play sports in a tracksuit, it does not mean that you cannot look stylish. Choose a set in a trendy color, maybe even in neon patterns, then even without any accessories this look will look fantastic. You can also combine two sets and choose one part with interesting patterns, and the other classic, plain

To work

Who says you can’t be at least a little bit elagant in sweatpants? Sweatpants are a fantastic casual look for the office – unless, of course, the dress code states otherwise. Slim-fit ⅞-leg sweatpants combined with a loose blouse and stiletto shoes are a comfortable and stylish choice for work. Tracksuit bottoms also go well with a jacket. Plain sweatpants in dark fabric go with everything. Our tip? Go for plain sweatpants if you want to wear them to the office. Leave patterned sweatpants for other occasions. As tracksuit bottoms are very casual, xXL women’s sweatpants they are a great choice for plus size women

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If you value comfort and freedom in your outfits, the tracksuit set is the perfect solution for you. This is not, of course, about loose-fitting sports pants and a cotton zip-up hoodie, but about the very popular light turtleneck and tight pants. Doda and Ewa Chodakowska like to present themselves in such outfits on their social media. Depending on accessories, the tracksuit may be a sporty or elegant look. The sets come in a wide range of sizes, thanks to which you will find not only Chodakowska’s size, but also large tracksuits

Oversize sweatshirt

The sweatshirt itself can become a great outfit on its own. Combining a knee-length oversized sweatshirt with high-top shoes is a modern and very trendy look. If you want to hide your figure but still show off your legs, oversize sweatshirt is perfect for you. Of course, you can combine it with a skirt, shorts, jeans or leggings if you are afraid that you might accidentally show a bit too much in the sweatshirt alone

Urban style

In street fashion, tracksuits rule this year! If you follow the latest trends, you know for sure that tracksuits and denim reign at Polish fashion shows and on the streets. You can easily combine these two elements to create a unique outfit. Patterned sweatpants paired with a tank top or crop top are the perfect outfit for the gym. However, when you complete the look with a denim jacket, it takes on a completely different character


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