Can Hair Color Make a Woman Look Younger or Older? We let you in on the secret

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Hair is a symbol of femininity. No wonder we pay so much attention to hair care and hair colour. Many women experiment with different shades of hair in their search for the perfect hair colour to compliment their beauty and match their complexion. It is generally accepted that light blonde hair makes you look younger while black hair makes you look older. Is that really true?

Today, we are going to share with you a few hair colours, which enhance your beauty and make you look younger. Remember, it is you who has to feel comfortable with the hair colour. If you want to be satisfied with your hair color, you should visit a professional hair salon. Going from dark to blonde on your own can be disastrous.

Okay, so which hair colors make you look younger or older?

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is a beautiful shade of hair. Why? Because light hair colours tend to turn yellow. Who wears it blonde and how does it affect our appearance? Of course, there is the widely held belief that blonde hair makes you look younger and radiant

Warm sandy blonde shades work well for women with peach complexions and light eyes. This shade illuminates them beautifully and makes them look younger and more rested. If you are a natural dark blonde with a light pink complexion and want to lighten your natural hair color a bit, go for sandy blonde. It will enhance your beauty perfectly.

For older ladies who struggle with wrinkles and gray hair, we recommend ash blonde shades. This makes wrinkles less visible because this shade does a great job of covering gray hair. This is a hit if you want to rejuvenate yourself. They also have the added benefit of making the roots less conspicuous

Raven Black Hair

This hair colour does not suit everyone. In addition, it is difficult to go out and get it lighter.

We do not recommend black hair for people with strong facial features and a round face. If you have a large nose or a pointed chin you should skip this colouring. This colour looks beautiful on women with dark skin, dark eyebrows and eyes. It adds grace and elegance to their appearance. If you are a spring or summer type with light skin and delicate facial features raven-black hair will make you look tired and sad and therefore a few years older

Red Hair

Red hair adds character. Who actually wears it? Practically everyone but you have to choose the right shade of red. Otherwise, it may age you and make your complexion look dull and red.

If you are a natural brunette, you can go wild and opt for red hair. You are sure to turn heads. Who Fares Best with Red Hair? Women with a warm complexion and freckles. Red hair gives women a dazzling radiance and makes them appear at least a few years younger. Red hair goes well with green and blue eyes. Who Does Hair Color Make Us Look Older or Unnatural? Ladies with dark eyebrows and naturally very dark hair

Brown Hair

If you are naturally blonde or have darker hair, light golden streaks are a great hairstyle choice because they give your face a beautiful glow and make you look younger. Lighter highlights will also draw attention away from any bruises and imperfections, making your complexion look smoother, which also contributes to making you look younger.

Very warm shades of brown – caramel and toffee – are a great option for both women with warm and cool complexions. You can be sure that these shades will not age you

For older ladies who love browns, we recommend those in cooler tones. These will distract from wrinkles and bruises

The key to successful hair colouring is the right shade of color for your complexion and facial features. In fact, no color makes us look older, we just need to choose paint colors skillfully


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