Here are the best hairstyles for triangular faces

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The hairstyle should always match the shape of the face. Then you can be sure that you look your best. Which haircut suits women with triangular facial features? We show you how!

Even the best and prettiest hairstyle will not look perfect unless it suits you perfectly. Different looks are suitable for women with round faces, square faces and triangular faces. We look at how those in the latter category should comb and cut their hair.

How to find out what type of face we have?

Many women do not know what type of face they have. After all, triangular does not mean that she has a head in the shape of this geometric figure. To determine what kind of features we have, it is worth standing in front of a mirror and with an eyeliner try to paint the contour of your face – then you can see what it most resembles. If, despite this, we do not know whether it is more round, square or triangular, it is worth checking what distinguishes it.

In the case of triangular features, the mandible tapers downward either strongly or slightly (but noticeably). The forehead is undoubtedly the widest part of the face and the chin is quite narrow – in some cases even slightly pointed. The result is a long, often very thin face. If these features perfectly describe our features, we are sure to fall into the ‘triangle’ category.

What is the best hairstyle for angular features?

To look good, a hairstyle must have proportion to your features. The right hairstyle can either make your face look slender or slightly rounder. The hairstyle must work in harmony with the face to make it look and feel right

A bob is best suited for triangular faces. The hair should reach down to your chin and you may like to consider a slight fringe so that your forehead does not look so wide. The hair should extend to the chin line so that the chin does not look so pointy Curly bobs are an increasingly popular hairstyle, where the light curls or waves are not “politely” styled but rather the opposite. This hairstyle additionally takes years away from our appearance and gives us girlish charm without being boring.

Layered hairstyles are another great option to give volume to your hair, which is needed for a narrow beard. At what length should you start layering your hair? The best place to start is in the jaw area. Frayed hair allows you to create many interesting hairstyles, even artistic disarray can look great. Triangular facial features are less visible with this hairstyle

Triangular facial features love bangs. Short, fringed or slightly longer side-swept fringes cover the broad forehead. Fringes cover the broad forehead and, if they are longer, they also slightly cover the cheekbones

What to Avoid

Triangular-faced women should avoid hair styles, which may draw the forehead in or accentuate it. It is therefore best to avoid ponytails and high chignons. Centre-partings and the usual short masculine hairstyles are not a good alternative. Stylists also advise against growing long straight hair.

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