Bubble massage – who can have it and what does it actually consist in?

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Most often we look for economical, home-made solutions, but can we trust them in this case as well? Or maybe it would be better and above all safer to turn for help to a professional? Check, what is the Chinese bubble massage and what effects can you expect from it.

What is a Chinese bubble (also called acupuncture) and what is it used for?

Sometimes it is confused with medical bubbles because of its appearance and name. Both derive from Chinese folk medicine. They differ, among other things, in the material they are made of – the former are made of rubber, silicone or plastic (rarely encountered), while the latter are made of glass and heated by fire. Chinese bubbles have different sizes, which are selected depending on the place on the body where they will be applied and what effect is expected.

Performing a massage with Chinese bubbles allows to reduce pain (for example, headaches or those felt in the area of the spine) and this is its most common application. However, it is also worth knowing that it will allow you to obtain a more shapely silhouette and reduce (and with really regular sessions even remove) cellulite. What other advantages does it have?

It positively influences lymph and blood circulation, thanks to which the skin will be better oxygenated, it also improves its color. In addition, the bubble will alleviate bothersome cold and flu symptoms, improve blood circulation, also eliminates stretch marks. It relaxes facial muscles, which can result in wrinkles becoming shallower. The principle of its operation is very simple – it is pressed against the skin, which is sucked into the bubble.

However, let’s focus on massaging the face with Chinese bubbles – for this you need those with the smallest possible diameter. The recommended diameters range from 0.7 to 2 cm. What effects can we expect? First of all, the skin will become better nourished – firmer, more elastic, it will gain radiance. It will secrete less sebum and the number of blackheads will be reduced.

Who should not use acupuncture bubble massage?

Despite its overall beneficial effect, it is discouraged for people suffering from cancer, infectious and skin diseases, having varicose veins or blood clotting problems. If they use bubbles, severe pain, bruises, hematomas or inflammation may occur. You should also refrain if you suffer from high blood pressure, another disease of the circulatory system or epilepsy.

If the person is menstruating, should wait until the bleeding has passed. Such massage is also discouraged if you have vascular skin. To the list of contraindications should be added pregnancy (there is a risk of hemorrhage) or inappropriate age – under 12 years of age, the skin is usually too sensitive for such treatments, and when you are older – too inflexible

In conclusion – although the effects of a Chinese bubble massage may seem worth it, don’t opt for it if there is even a slight possibility that you will harm yourself. It is true that improving your appearance on your own, and at a small cost, seems very tempting, but health is much more important. Don’t forget that.

What does a Chinese bubble massage involve?

It would be safest and best if you entrust this task to a specialist, but you can also undertake it yourself – you can even buy silicone bubbles in a pharmacy. You should prepare yourself properly for the massage, so first thoroughly wash off your make-up with a micellar solution or a face gel with cleansing properties

Using circular motions, rub in some oil or olive oil, and after gently stretching your skin, suck on a bubble for up to 5 seconds. But that’s not all, there are a few other recommendations you should keep in mind: massage your face, starting from the inner parts and moving towards the outer parts, i.e. the clavicles and temples. This way you will direct the lymph directly to its drains.

Use circular motions for the temples, and linear motions for the neck. In the latter case, change the direction of massage and lead it towards the chin. You should not rush, because this will make your actions less effective and will only cover the circulatory and lymphatic systems to a small extent. Finally, wash your face again and apply a thin layer of moisturizer on it. Don’t be surprised if you see some redness on your skin – it just means that you have stimulated the blood circulation. You can undergo this treatment once a week and it should not take longer than 15 minutes.

You already know what acupuncture bubbles are, what benefits they bring and how to properly perform a facial massage with them. As long as you do not have contraindications to it – get them at the nearest pharmacy and enjoy their benefits.


Main photo: Liubov Levytska/ adobestock.com

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