How to care for gray hair?

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Healthy, strong and shiny hair is our calling card. Grey hair can look beautiful too. Of course, it needs proper care. We tell you how!

Some people’s hair turns grey with age, others acquire grey hair faster due to stress or even better because their hair does not turn grey. There are also those who are lucky enough not to get gray hair. However, if you do get gray hair it is important to know how to take care of it in order to keep it strong, shiny and healthy.

Take care of your gray hair! Why Does Gray Hair Appear?

Gray hair has a tendency to become brittle and unmanageable because it is no longer as soft as it once was. Why? It’s because the air has displaced melatonin from them. But what are the causes of graying hair? These are primarily:

  1. Age

Graying is a physiological process that begins as early as approx. 30. one year of age. It occurs when the production of pigment stimulated by enzymes in our body decreases. When their activity weakens significantly, the amount of melanin decreases. Genetic predisposition determines at what age pigment production begins to decline. If the grandparents and parents became gray rather quickly, there is a high probability that their children and grandchildren’s generation will also have gray hair at an early age.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle of poor diet, stimulants, and stress can also be responsible for the fairly rapid appearance of gray hair. In particular, living under constant stress accelerates the greying of hair, which has been confirmed by various scientific studies.

How do I care for my grey hair?

If you want to have beautiful silver hair, choose shampoos and conditioners with nutrients. All hair needs proper care and grey hair in particular. When shampooing, use conditioners with ingredients that add softness and elasticity as well as deep moisture and natural shine. Shea butter, honey, aloe vera and glycerin are some of the ingredients you should pay attention to when choosing your washing cosmetics. Various nourishing and moisturizing masks, such as those made of banana or avocado, which you can easily prepare yourself, are also a good option. It is also a good idea to use protein-based conditioners every time you wash your hair as they moisturize the hair and make it softer. Purple shampoos will also help your natural grey color by eliminating yellow tones and giving your hair a silvery sheen

Give Your Hair Style More Volume

As we get older, our hair feels it too, and it gets a little thinner and starts to fall out. So take care of your hair by adding volume. How? Massage your scalp before every shampooing to improve the scalp’s blood flow and to lift the hair at the roots. It is best to avoid 2-in-1 cosmetics, which weigh down fine hair. Instead, opt for light masks and styling mousse. You can add volume to your hair by using a shampoo mixed with white clay and a beer rinse, which is easy to prepare. All you need to do is mix light beer with water in the ratio of half and half and pour such a concoction over your hair, then wipe it and dry it.

Keep your hair well moisturised

Grey hair tends to break and fall out as it loses moisture faster. How to prevent this? It needs to be revitalized! This is best done by oiling the hair to restore shine and elasticity. We particularly recommend jojoba and argan oils, which have strong moisturizing properties. How to do oiling properly? Ideally, 2-3 hours before shampooing or the day before. Simply apply a small amount of oil with your fingers on dry or slightly damp hair from roots to ends

Consider Changing Your Hairstyle

If you already have a lot of gray hair and do not want to dye it, you should consider changing your hairstyle. Especially if you have long hair, you can cut your hair into a bob or cut it completely short. Your hair will then regenerate itself


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