6 common skin care mistakes that every woman should fix immediately

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Our appearance largely depends on the condition of our skin. Even the face, because not everything can be covered with makeup. One thing is certain. Skin needs to be taken care of and in the right way. You should definitely avoid these mistakes!

Sleeping with makeup on

The first step to proper skin care is thorough cleansing, which means daily makeup removal, that is, getting rid of the remains of color cosmetics and other impurities accumulated during the day. This is a step that absolutely can not be skipped.

Sleeping in makeup is very harmful to the skin, which then has no chance to regenerate. Clogged pores will turn into blackheads and pimples, to this will come numerous redness, swelling and dryness. Then any wrinkles and bags under your eyes will be even more visible. The same goes for mascara on your eyelashes – if you leave it on, you will weaken the hairs, which will then fall out more easily.

There are so many makeup remover products on the market that it should not be a problem to choose the right one for you, even if you come back from a party in the morning and really do not have the strength for a multi-step cleansing.

Makeup removal with micellar solution only

Staying on the same topic, you need to be aware that makeup removal cannot be done only with the help of a micellar liquid. Surely, many of us have encountered the situation that cotton pads with micellar liquid are still dirty after repeatedly running them around the face or eyes.

While micellar lotion is a great cosmetic, it is only good for removing superficial dirt. With deeper, hidden in the pores, can no longer cope. Here you need water with a gel or foam cleanser, and in case of waterproof cosmetics, an oil.

Proper facial cleansing is crucial. If we do not pay attention to it, then the dirt stays on our skin and every day we put another layer of cosmetics on it.

Soap for face washing

We already know that a micellar lotion is not enough to cleanse the skin deeply, but in no way should you treat it with soapy water, even if it has natural substances and oils in its composition.

Soap always remains soap and its alkaline reaction has a bad effect on the skin, which becomes visibly tightened and deprived of moisture. Then it tries to rescue itself, among other things, by excessive production of sebum.

Incorrectly Chosen Cosmetics

Proper facial care is based not only on cleansing, but also the daily application of a cream or serum selected according to the type and age and condition of the skin. In general, we can distinguish basic types – normal, combination (oily T-zone), sensitive, vascular or dry.

Using cosmetics that are inappropriate for our skin may aggravate its problems, and this is not what any of us wants.

Lack of sun protection

Sunscreens are an absolute must-have in spring and summer, although they should be used year-round. They provide protection against UV radiation, perfectly protect against photo-aging and the formation of spots and discolorations, as well as excessive drying.

There is no need to be afraid of these cosmetics – our face will still tan, but in a slower and, above all, safer way. We can use filters as a separate product, but they are often included in the cream, mist, foundation or powder.

Forgetting about your hands and feet

While we take care to apply cosmetics to our face or lotions or oils to our body, we often forget about two important areas – our hands and feet.

Hands are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions – from sun, to wind, to frost. On top of that there is friction, getting them wet and contact with various detergents and chemicals. Hands are our business card, so not only the nails should be well-groomed, but also the whole skin – dry, cracked and reddened will not look good. It is enough to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on your hands before every leaving home and after cleaning the dishes.

When it comes to feet, we usually remember about them only in spring and summer, when it’s time for sandals and flip-flops. It should not be like that. Feet, even hidden in socks, should always be taken care of. Therefore, you should apply a nourishing and softening cream before bed, and once every 2-3 months, in addition, exfoliating socks.


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