How to match jewelry to style? 3 key rules

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Jewelry is supposed to enhance a woman’s beauty, however, its proper matching with an outfit can be problematic. See what are the most important rules of matching jewelry to the outfit.

Matching particular elements of an outfit, and therefore also accessories, is very important. It allows you to keep the unique character of your outfit and make sure that it will look perfect.

Choosing jewelry for your neckline type

For V-shaped necklines a necklace of similar form should be chosen. Strapless or sleeveless tops go well with short necklaces or choker. For under-shirt necklines go with a chain celebratory necklace. When wearing turtleneck, it is advisable to wear a long, heavier necklace, which will not only complete the outfit, but also give it a unique character.

V-neck necklaces will suit most necklines, however, if the necklace is more elegant, it is worth highlighting it well, for example with a deep-cut neckline, as it will lengthen the neck.

Appropriate for the occasion

Jewelry for work

For work it is advisable to wear modest jewelry, preferably in a classic style, which will not attract attention. This is especially true in places where dress code applies. In such situations jewelry has the function of emphasizing the character of styling and its delicate complement. For example you can wear modest chains or screw earrings to work. Silver jewelry is a great addition to simple outfits.

Jewelry for going out

The rules of jewelry selection for evening out, like disco or party are different. Here we can allow ourselves to be crazy. It is worth betting on the shiny and more expressive jewelry, for example, circle earrings. Sets of jewelry, for example, with shiny stones will also work well.

Jewelry for a little black dress

A classic black dress should be matched with delicate jewellery, which emphasize the style in a subtle way. Choose silver or gold women’s bracelets depending on what kind of jewelry you prefer.

Match the material and color

Material type and jewelry type

The type of material that a garment is made of is very important. Clothes with patterns and lace are already distinctive enough, so it is not worth embellishing them additionally. It will be more appropriate to choose jewelry separated from clothes, for example, a ring or earrings. Thus, simple, uniform fabrics should be decorated with more impressive jewelry.

Tulle and chiffon fabrics go well with simple and subtle jewelry. Velour, on the other hand, looks good with XXL jewelry, which may emphasize its uniqueness.

Silver or gold jewelry?

It is commonly believed that gold jewelry is suitable for evening wear and more formal occasions while silver jewelry is suitable for everyday wear. However this is an individual question, because some women prefer to wear only gold, others – silver. If the creation is richly decorated, it is better to choose more modest jewelry, because exaggeration in any direction is not good. Simple stylizations should be broken with more expressive jewelry.

Gold jewelry will look good with black, white, pastel and strong coloured clothes. Silver on the other hand goes well with cooler colors like purple or blue. Colourful jewelry looks better against upper parts of clothing. It is worth remembering that the material of the clothes and jewellery should not have the same colors, because then they may blend together.

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