Aerial yoga – a few reasons why you should try it

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Aerial yoga is a type of yoga that requires a sling to practice. It is a very spectacular type of sport, which has elements of acrobatics and circus arts, but does not lose the positions of classical yoga. It is an activity that does not strain the spine or joints. 

Where did this type of sport originate?

Aerojoga, or yoga in the air, was made famous by Michelle Dortignac. A woman in 2006 in New York City began combining yoga with a hammock. She wanted to create something that would combine the beauty of hammock exercise with the harmony of yoga. Very quickly this model of the sport became popular in all parts of the world, and now we can practice aerial yoga in Poland as well. This is not just yoga – it is also dance, fitness and stretching. 

What does it look like to practice aerial yoga?

We already know where aerial yoga originated, but how to practice it? It will be necessary to use a sling, with the help of which asanas are performed. It should be suspended from the ceiling and made of fine fabric. This element is designed to relieve pressure on the joints and help the practitioner feel light and airy. It also has a positive effect on the state of mind. At the beginning of each workout, one exercises with the floor – this is to warm up the muscles and stretch them, and thus prepare them for hanging on a sling or hammock, which occurs in the next stage of the class. This is when all the body weight is transferred to these items. The level of postures depends on the sophistication of the group. For beginners there are simple asanas, while for those practicing longer – positions combined with acrobatics and dance. It should be remembered that air yoga is a sport that requires good physical fitness, as it induces a lot of effort. However, it is worth trying, as it can have a great effect on the body as well as the mind. Another requirement is great flexibility of the body, but it can improve with each workout. 

Why is it worth doing aerial yoga?

The biggest positive of practicing with a sling is to get rid of your own body weight. This makes a person feel light, and the joints and spine are not stressed in any way. For this reason, it is an ideal sport for people with postural defects. Another important, although not obvious, benefit of practicing aerojoga is the extra inches of height. This is not a myth – powerful muscle stretching can make a practitioner 2 or 3 centimeters taller! Of course, this effect is not permanent, it disappears after a few hours. Practicing this type of yoga also strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, since they are the ones that support the body in suspension. Abdominal muscles are also involved.

It should not be forgotten that yoga in the air has an excellent effect on the psyche of the practicing person. The lightness and fluidity of the movements are incredibly relaxing and relaxing. Poses require courage, and getting them gives a new experience. In addition, aerial yoga requires confidence in oneself and one’s abilities, so practicing it strengthens the psyche and gives a sense of freedom. It is a great sport for women – it allows you to feel more sensual.

main photo: Wedemeyer

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