Public speaking – how to make the audience love you?

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Public speaking is a nightmare for many people. You may experience unpleasant symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and other difficulties before presenting in front of an audience. This is normal, because at this point you are being evaluated and you are the center of attention. In this article, we suggest what to do to present yourself at your best during public speaking. 

Use your paper as little as possible

When observing speakers at speeches, there is one very common mistake. It is using a piece of paper with a script on it too often. It can be very useful, but a disastrous mistake is to read most of the text from it. The handout should be used only if you happen to lose the thread. It is also a good idea to include a framework plan for your presentation. The entire presentation should sound natural, and it is a good idea for the vast majority to be said rather than read.

Appropriate dress is very important

Appearance is not the most important thing – this is a well-known saying. However, equally well-known is the fact that the first impression is very important, and it is built within a few seconds. For this reason, you should think carefully about your outfit for the day you are to present yourself. If it is appropriate for the occasion and well-fitted to your figure, you will definitely win over your audience. A good outfit will also ensure that they listen to what you are saying and not focus on your distracting appearance. 

Maintain eye contact with your audience

Nothing works as well for interpersonal communication as eye contact. By taking care to maintain it, you will make those gathered at your performance feel that your words are directed at them. There is a very good chance that in this situation, no one will be distracted from talking and browsing social media because everyone will want to hear you out. 

Try to manage your stress

Stress is a natural reaction of the body when introduced to some discomfort such as public speaking. However, there are ways to manage it. The first is to use natural supplementation, such as lemon balm. An infusion of the herb will allow you to gently calm down and relax. Another method is breathing exercises. Proper breathing is extremely important both before and during a speech. 

It is worth fighting stress because if you are nervous during the presentation, despite your best efforts and preparation, you may perform poorly.

Don’t underestimate the time allocated for the presentation

Have you ever been at a lecture where the presenter dragged it out? Or maybe you remember such a situation from your school desk? You probably associate it with unnecessary nerves and the desire to leave the speech. The same feelings will accompany your audience if you do not stick to the presentation time. If it’s going to last an hour, don’t let it last an hour and five minutes. If you stick to the time frame, the people gathered will feel that you respect their time. You will thus gain more trust and respect from your audience.

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