Do you know what activities and habits steal the most energy from us?

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In the 21st century, we are surrounded by so many things that we may not even notice how overstimulated we are. Certain habits and activities cause us to waste a lot of energy. Do you know which of these are?

Thieves of vital energy

There are habits in everyone’s life that make us run out of energy. We don’t have the strength to act, we are sluggish

  1. One of them are toxic habits. These can include reaching for the phone too often, or social media. They consume our time completely, and on top of that, they are addictive.
  2. Another habit is thinking about everything around us, about problems that do not concern us. Our thoughts revolve around pandemics, ecological problems, the climate crisis, which distracts us and does not allow us to focus on the most important things for us
  3. Excessive concern for the criticism of others and despair. Criticism is inscribed in our lives, and attaching too much importance to it deprives us of the joy of living.
  4. It’s also worth mentioning chaos, which doesn’t make it easier to focus, especially while working or studying. Too many items on the desk, dirty cups or a pile of unsorted documents effectively distract us from what we should be doing. Of course, this affects the level of our productivity at work, and thus our well-being.
  5. And what about our diet? The way we eat is not unimportant, as some ingredients have a bad influence on our energy levels. One of them is certainly carbohydrates in excess, which make us feel heavy, and sleepiness is enemy number one. It is also worth mentioning sugar, which gives apparent energy, but it can be very easy to overdo it. The best influence on our body will have a well-balanced diet, which will stimulate the body to action.
  6. The body should be rested, so sleep is very important. The minimum time needed for regeneration is 8 hours, but some adults only need 6.
  7. There is another issue, you should not sleep too long, then the body gets lazy and we are sluggish all day
  8. Everyone knows that movement is health, it also affects our energy levels, if we do not move enough, we begin to feel the effects of this. And it’s not only about weight, but also about the spine – especially when working while sitting. Endorphins, which our body releases during even a short workout, give us strength and power to act.
  9. Alack of vitamins, especially B12 and D3, can cause a real drop in energy. The first symptoms are unlikely to be felt. The problem comes only when their deficiency is at a high level. Then it is worth performing the necessary tests to check whether, in addition to vitamin deficiency, we are not dealing with, for example, anemia. A basic morphology should dispel any doubts. However, if we have a tendency to flush out vitamins and minerals they can be additionally supplemented

What does your body need to be full of energy?

It is enough to act according to what we feel and listen to our head and body. Besides, a proper diet and activity at least twice a week will not hurt. Sleep, sleep and more sleep, because then the head rests and the body regenerates. In addition, a proper balance between work and personal life

To achieve the right level of energy, it is necessary to exercise moderation in many things, because everything is for people, but with the head.


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