How to win the fight against complexes? We suggest what to do to finally love your body

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Be your own friend and remember that your body is your ally. It allows you to walk, to hug someone, to fulfill your daily duties, to be active in your professional life, to fulfill your dreams. Don’t waste your time and energy on complexes.

We have only one body and it depends on us whether we accept it or not. Complexes cannot obscure the true image of our person or influence our mood and everyday life.

A woman’s figure can change several times in a month, depending on the day of her cycle. Some of us retain water in the body, others have swollen legs or face, pimples appear, others have a protruding belly. On top of all this, pregnancies, childbirth, menopause and various diseases make our bodies look different.

It is worth to work on your thinking about your body to look at yourself in the mirror with a smile and go through life with a confident step.

What is the ideal body?

Nowadays social media have a big influence on our perception of many things, including the body. Especially on Instagram are promoted silhouettes of women very slim, with a sculpted belly and round buttocks, perfect skin, beautiful makeup, sparkling eyes, full lips and long hair. However, you have to approach it with a huge distance, because their photos are heavily retouched and with a filter. The same woman in the photo is often unrecognizable in reality.

We spend years chasing a perfect body. But what does a perfect body actually mean? Slim legs, a narrow waist, an hourglass figure? It should be noted that the canons of beauty often changed and “in vogue” were already various types of silhouettes – not always in size 36.

Is it worth chasing a vague dream to meet society’s expectations of a perfect look? Yes, our body should be healthy so that it can serve us for many years, so that it does not limit us. However, it does not seem that a belly belly button should be a hindrance in everyday life, and a large nose should make breathing difficult or disturb the sense of smell.

Mirror – enemy or friend?

At the beginning you should look at yourself. Stand naked or in underwear in front of a mirror and look at yourself as objectively as possible, without exaggerating your faults. We often have a tendency to point out our shortcomings, but it is hard for us to talk about our advantages. Let’s change that. The body is not a battlefield to be constantly judged and scrutinized.

Do you have cellulite? Almost all of us have it. Want to change it, feel bad about it? Start moving, go to the gym, dance, whatever, but do it not out of compulsion, but out of desire. If your budget allows it, buy a package of treatments that will help you get rid of it. But don’t force it.

Do you have protruding ears? It happens, it’s out of our control, but do they really bother you or have you ever heard something bad about them? Maybe the complex came from the fact that others drew attention to it?

It is also often the case that we consider a complex to be something that others do not notice at all. Do you have stretch marks on your stomach or thighs and are ashamed in front of your partner? He probably doesn’t even notice them.

Accept yourself, just as you accept others

Self-acceptance refers not only to our personality, but also to our body. Appreciate your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend.

Do you like a person who has more inches here and there, a crooked nose, acne or something else? Does it bother you? No. You like them for what they are, not what they look like. It’s worthwhile to think of ourselves in this way. We have the right to be imperfect, because ideals don’t actually exist.

Stop comparing yourself to others because it doesn’t lead to anything good. We are different and always will be. So emphasize your advantages and accept compliments with a smile – don’t deny them. Make sure you have a good attitude, because it is the key to success.


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