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People who value comfort and activity often choose sportswear for their everyday life. This is becoming more and more popular, so sports clothes are even entering the salons.

In recent years, streetwear styles can be seen on the runways of top fashion designers and world-class fashion magazines. Creating everyday sporty outfits is not such an easy task, because such outfits, if exaggerated, may seem not elegant and inappropriate. See how to create your everyday sports look

Styling with sporty shoes

Comfort during the day is extremely important, when you run for the bus or have to spend all day on your feet, comfortable shoes are essential. Sports shoes are characterised by their comfort above all else, which is why it is a good idea to choose them for your everyday outfits. If you want your sports shoes to look elegant and not spoil your outfit, for example for work, try to combine them with the most versatile clothes. Choose neutral colors of shoes, so that they match both a dress or a skirt, and a woman’s suit or jeans

For women who don’t like too formal a style and feel comfortable in casual sportswear, athletic shoes and a trendy monochromatic tracksuit are the perfect combination for every day. Pandemic times have changed fashion, and while it was once unthinkable to go to work in a tracksuit, fashion designers have started to create sportswear models that can even be considered elegant.

Adidas Terrex shoes can be a fantastic addition to an outfit or even its most defining element. Depending on how you style them, they can be shoes for the gym or even for a date.

Streetwear styles not only for the catwalk

The 90s are currently making a comeback in fashion. The sweatpants made of nylon, which were extremely fashionable 30 years ago, are back in style. The now iconic oversized sweatshirts are one of the highlights of today’s street fashion. Older people return to this fashion out of fondness, younger ones out of fascination with those times

Streetwear until recently was considered to be a rather extravagant style, but the growing courage of fashion lovers meant that now clothes in this aesthetics can be found even in popular chain stores. Due to its casual and less formal character, it is the perfect option for sports style lovers. Sportswear is not only about tracksuit bottoms and a stretched T-shirt, but also about high fashion

Sportiness and femininity

If you think that sports style cannot be feminine, you are sorely mistaken. The right styling of sports clothes can create a really sexy composition. Short tennis shorts and an oversize sweatshirt were one of Princess Diana’s signature outfits in the 1990s. The would-be Queen of Great Britain wore them to the gym and for private training sessions

Nowadays, styles inspired by her are still in vogue because Lady Diana was the perfect example that sports style and femininity go hand in hand. For fans of dresses and skirts, and on the occasion of physical activity, tennis dresses and skirts with attached shorts are a fantastic choice. Such elements of clothing allow you to emphasize the assets of the female figure, and at the same time do not restrict movement and give full freedom of movement.

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