Why eat hot breakfasts?

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Breakfast is the most important part of the morning routine for many. However, some people avoid any meals in the morning. If you belong to this group, be sure to read why you should change your current habits.

Breakfast is the first, often the most important meal of the day

The most popular breakfast for many people is a sandwich with their favorite toppings, and often it’s also a smoothie or cereal with milk, or possibly oatmeal. However, any of these choices, while better than not eating any breakfast at all, can be replaced by something that will further support our bodies at the start of the day. An excellent idea and alternative to the above examples for a morning meal would be some kind of warm dish. It will probably take us a bit more time to prepare it, but if we set aside those few minutes in the morning and dedicate them precisely to preparing a hot dish, we will certainly feel some difference.

Why eat hot breakfasts?

Especially in autumn and winter it is worth starting the day with a hot breakfast. Oatmeal or millet, which warms up our body first thing in the morning, is great satiating and makes us not feel hungry for a long time. The consequence of a sustained feeling of satiation is the absence of snacking. This is especially important for people who are trying to reduce their weight, but also for those who want to eat healthy and regularly on a daily basis. 

Interestingly, most dishes prepared hot have a more intense, and therefore better, taste. This is an asset that is also worth noting.

The unquestionable advantage of eating hot breakfasts is also to kick-start the metabolism and stimulate digestion! The body, to which we provide a warm dish first thing in the morning, works at high speed during the next few hours. It draws energy from the food provided to it. As a result, we can afford to give up coffee, the drinking of which in higher than recommended amounts can cause headaches, nervousness, insomnia and other worrisome symptoms.

Warm breakfasts are a great way to have a calmer and better morning. True, we will be forced to get up a little earlier to prepare a warm meal, but consuming it with the family means extra time spent together before work, study or school. 

Some ideas for warm breakfasts

Ideas for warm meals in the morning are really many. We can easily find recipes for extremely tasty dishes on the Internet. It is worth noting that a warm meal can be prepared as both a sweet and a salty dish. 

Something for the sweet

Lovers of sweetness should look for recipes for omelets, oatmeal with fruit, puddings, lamb cakes, apple crumpets and even the much-loved pancakes! 

Something salty

Fans of dry dishes should think about eating first thing in the morning, for example, scrambled eggs with chives, omelet with spinach, eggs on bacon, high-meat sausages with toast, puff pastry pockets with cheese and ham, and many more!

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