Ballet for adults – why is putting on pointe a good idea at any age?

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It is believed that the adventure with ballet should begin at a very early age, preferably preschool. The earlier we start our education in this area, the greater the chances of achieving success in this profession. However, ballet is not only a professional dance, but also a great form of entertainment and movement. Therefore, it can be danced by people of different age range. What counts in the end is deriving joy from what we do

Everyone can dance

Ballet for adults is a class that attracts a growing number of people, regardless of age and occupation. Often there are also professional dancers or athletes who want to learn additional movements or stretch their muscles. What do these people have in common?

Purpose, because each of them certainly feels the rhythm and loves to dance, and appreciates the art that is ballet. The level of advancement is always assessed during classes by a qualified instructor and then the participant is directed to the appropriate group.

Why exactly ballet?

A lot of people go to trial classes to check what ballet actually is in practice. It is often associated with pink skirts and tight leotards with classical music in the background. Nothing more misleading. Ballet is first of all gymnastics and muscle training. Overcoming your barriers and learning discipline. During classes, you can learn a lot of things such as coordination, stretching the muscles of the whole body, grace, train muscles, or lose a few pounds. Only on films and photos ballet steps seem light and airy, you can’t see how much effort and hardship they require

Already after a few classes you can find out whether you feel ballet, and if so, how much satisfaction it can give you. In these classes we can not only train the body and learn the movements, but also have a good time. Traditional exercises in the gym do not offer work with music, which dictates each movement. With the help of learned steps you can also create a full choreography and shine at many a party.

How will our silhouette benefit from it?

Exercises presented during ballet classes have a very positive influence on our silhouette, they lengthen and slenderize muscles, add grace and lightness while moving, and additionally they force an upright posture. Ballet exercises are completely different from running or fitness, so if we do not find ourselves in these activities, this classical dance will be for us. Ballet also helps reduce body fat and firms the body. And what about the condition? It also works like a salvation for it, trotting up the stairs to the fourth floor will no longer be a challenge for us!

For some, ballet becomes the meaning of their lives, after taking classes in a dance school, they further develop their skills, and even start working on performances with ballet companies. Some people further develop their skills by studying other styles of dance.

Figures adjusted to the age

In fact, you can learn particular figures or even standing on pointe at any age. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what level of stretching you have at the beginning, what matters is your will and self-discipline. The only obstacle may be possible injuries from the past, which for example block the complete straightening of the leg. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity and looking for ballet classes in your area. Surely this kind of dance will give us a lot of satisfaction. Pushing boundaries, new skills, a healthier body and a rested mind are all things we can gain. Usually trial classes are free of charge, so apart from time we don’t lose anything. And in the end, anyone can dance.


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