4 exercises every woman over 40 should weave into her daily rituals?

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As we age, the body changes. The tendency to gain weight increases. Therefore, it is worth taking care of physical activity. Which exercises should a woman over 40 do every day?

When we pass 40 springs, it is more important than ever to emphasize strength training. In fact, your main task, especially if you start to gain weight, is to take care of your muscles because they require much more energy, or calories, than fat

It’s also important that the exercise you do makes you happy and allows you to get away from the daily problems that keep your head busy. Many women in their forties still work long hours a day, so their days are exhausting both physically and mentally. That’s why personal trainers suggest four exercises that together form a complete workout that includes strength work, endurance work, cardio, flexibility, and joint and spine mobility. You can do them all together as a complete workout or choose one or two a day if that’s too much for you. How many times a week to train? Ideally, you should do a complete workout 3-4 times a week or one exercise a day, in 2-3 series of several repetitions.

Learn 4 exercises that will give you energy and take care of your muscles

  1. Burpee

This exercise will help you perform a small HIIT workout – a form of physical training strategy that involves alternating short periods of very intense exercise with short periods of moderate exercise. The burpee, or “fall, rise” exercise, gets all the large muscles of the body working aerobically. What’s most important is that you don’t need any specialized equipment to perform this exercise and it can be done virtually anywhere. In one sequence we perform squat, push-up plank and jump. Burpee is a perfect body shaping exercise!

  1. Squat with a jump

Squats are an essential exercise in every workout and ideal for those who want to firm the legs and buttocks. The squat can be performed with or without a jump. Perform all possible repetitions in one minute without jumping, rest, then try to do more repetitions with jumping.

  1. Plank, or planck exercises

Plank, or plank exercise, is a forward push-up on the forearms. It is an isometric exercise that perfectly models abdominal muscles. Although it looks quite simple, it is not so. Holding on for several dozen seconds in the plank position can be quite a challenge. But the effects are amazing!

  1. Stretching à la yoga

With this short sequence of yoga poses, you’ll stretch the muscles you’ve exercised in previous exercises, slow down, and relax your mind. Both twists and “downward facing dog” will help you stretch and strengthen your spine. Perform this sequence 1 to 3 times, and when you’re done, lie on your back and rest for a few minutes, focusing your attention on your breathing

In addition to exercising regularly and trying to move in any way every day (if you have 30 minutes or an hour to watch TV, you can also walk and stretch at home). We also need to take care of what we eat and how we eat it. Our goal should not only be to lose weight, but also to improve the functioning of our internal organs, especially our digestive system, increase our energy levels, and delay the aging process. Therefore, not only after forty, but at any age we should eat healthy, up to 5 regular meals a day and drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Our diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes and whole grain bread.


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