The ABC of skin care for 20-year-olds

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It would seem that the skin of a young woman is moisturized, radiant and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Young women in their 20s often struggle with hyperpigmentation, inflammation and enlarged pores. In the era of pandemics, when we spend most of our time at home, we can focus on skincare.

First of all, makeup removal

The biggest sin we can commit in our skincare routine is inaccurate makeup removal or, worse, its complete lack and sleeping in makeup. Why is makeup removal so important? Apart from removing makeup it also removes excess sebum, all impurities and dead skin. Our skin is then perfectly prepared for further care and can breathe freely. If we go to bed wearing makeup, we can be sure that we will wake up with clogged pores, and our complexion will look very bad.

We know that situations are different – late returns from a party or a house party, a sleepless night before an exam. Then we do not have the strength for a thorough, multi-step makeup removal. A great option then are moisturizing wipes to remove makeup. You can use them to remove makeup once or twice. Of course, this is an emergency situation. Under normal circumstances, it is best to rely on micellar lotion or makeup remover oil

Gentle cleansing gel

After removing makeup, we absolutely cannot immediately apply a cream on our face. We must first use a facial cleansing gel. There is no point in treating our skin with strong, drying products. It is better to bet on a delicate gel or foam that will clean the skin of make-up remnants, remove the remains of micellar liquid and prepare the skin to receive the nutrients found in serums and creams

To get rid of dead skin cells, have yourself scrubbed a few times a week. If you have couperose or acne-prone skin, opt for an enzymatic peel, which is gentler than mechanical ones. Finally, splash your face with a delicate moisturizing toner.

Get acquainted with acids

Young skin can be capricious. On the one hand dry, on the other – oily. 20-year-olds often struggle with pimples, blackheads and discoloration after teenage acne. In such a case, acids will prove to be very useful and it is worth introducing them into your skin care routine.

BHA acids – in this group there is, among others, salicylic acid. It is a lipophilic compound, which deeply penetrates the skin pores and cleans them. It is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin, because it has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties. Additionally, it fights blackheads and normalizes the work of sebaceous glands. The most common concentrations for home use are 0.5%, 1.5% and 2%.

AHA acids have moisturizing, exfoliating, brightening and smoothing properties. They tighten pores and reduce wrinkles. The most commonly used acids include glycolic acid and mandelic acid. Glycolic acid is perfect for owners of oily, acne-prone skin with numerous discolorations. Mandelic acid is ideal for combination skin. Its big advantage is that it can be used in summer. It has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. If you have dry and sensitive skin, then lactic acid will be perfect, as it softens the epidermis and moisturizes

Moisturizing is essential

A lot of young women make a mistake and instead of moisturizing their skin, they use strong, mattifying creams. Unfortunately, this is not the right way. Maybe the effect is visible and our skin does not get oily so quickly, but I assure you, dear ladies, it is a temporary improvement. Excessive skin drying leads to excessive stimulation of sebaceous glands and increased sebum production. This is not what we want after all.

Whatever your skin type, you need to moisturize it well. There are many lightweight moisturizers on the cosmetics market that are perfect for under makeup. At night, you can opt for a more substantial cream that will regenerate your skin. If your skin is oily or combination and prone to pimples, avoid creams with paraffin in their composition, because they can clog pores

Opt for light creams with collagen in their composition, which is responsible for a proper level of hydration. Of course, do not forget to drink 2l of water a day. Although our skin biologically starts to age after the age of 25, it is worth using moisturizing eye creams already now to prevent bruising and puffiness and to delay the aging process.


Using a sunscreen is an absolute must! So many people do not realize how the sun’s rays negatively affect our skin – accelerate aging, dry it out and cause discoloration. Although you may not see the effects of sunscreen now, trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it in the future. We should use a sunscreen even in winter. The best choice is SPF 50 or SPF 25 if you are concerned about clogging your pores.

When to apply sunscreen correctly? After cleansing with a gel and after applying a moisturizer. It is worth to look for those with a light consistency that will not leave a greasy film on your face and are perfect under make-up


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