Here are the best hairstyles for a square face

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Do you have a well-defined jaw? This is a sign that you have a square face. What is the best hairstyle for you? Here are some suggestions!

Do you like the trendy asymmetric haircut? Would you like to cut your hair short this summer? The hairstyle should fit your face! The right haircut reveals your assets and cleverly hides your weaknesses

Your Hairstyle will Surprise You if It Works for Your Face

Before you even think about changing your hairstyle, you need to define your face shape. This is important so that you can decide on the best haircut for you. Stand in front of the mirror and take a close look at your face. It will be pretty easy to determine your face shape. We distinguish between round, oval, rectangular, triangular and square. In this article, we focus on the square face shape and try to find the most suitable hair style for it

What are the characteristics of a square face? The square face has several essential features. The most prominent and recognizable is the broad and well-defined jawline. A wide forehead is another characteristic of a square face. To determine the shape well, also look at the overall proportions of your face, whether your face is longer or wider or if these dimensions are close to each other. When it comes to the square face shape, it has the advantage of making the face fairly proportional. If you notice these features, you are the owner of a square face and you should choose a hairstyle for this type. How do I go about it?

How do I easily find the right hair style for a square face?

First of all, make sure that your forehead and jaw are on the same width. Therefore, the best hairstyles for you are those with the hair loosely framing your face. An appealingly cut fringe (preferably semi-circular or slanted, since a straight fringe would weigh down your entire hair style) gives your hairstyle an airy girlishness.

Avoid tight and sleek updos and short hairstyles. Go for hairstyles with strands of hair falling gently into your face

Go for hairstyles, which soften the sharp features of your face. On no account should you wear your hair in a high bun or pin it up tightly and smoothly if you want to look good. Why? Because not having any strands of hair falling into your face makes your facial features look sharper. What are the best hairstyles for a square face shape? Slightly undone, girly styles with mid-length hair, soft waves or curls and layered hairstyles with irregular lengths are the hairstyles recommended by hairdressers and stylists for women with square faces. As mentioned earlier, you can also opt for bangs, preferably diagonal or asymmetric. Also favorable look updos with released strands on the sides surrounding the face

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