How to wear summer clothes in transition?

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The end of summer is fast approaching. The weather during the transition period changes like a kaleidoscope. How to wear typically summer clothes at the turn of summer and autumn? What should we pay special attention to then, planning our styling?

Heat and sun. Rain and wind. The weather in the transition period is sometimes changeable. The summer season is passing, so we should stock our closets with clothes ideal for both warmer and cooler days. There are several fashion solutions, making it easier for us to plan our styling at the turn of the still hot August and the approaching cold September.

What to have in your closet

First of all, in the transition period it is worth buying clothes that we can impose on still summer styling. What kind of clothing are we talking about specifically? Here are some of our suggestions.


Trench is a timeless coat that should be in every woman’s closet. It will be the perfect complement to simple summer styling when the weather turns a bit bad. Beige and black trench adds charm to any outfit. In trench we look elegant and original. This is the unquestionable advantage of these distinctive coats.


We associate blazers primarily with elegant styling. However, it is an interesting and practical solution used by women at the turn of summer and autumn. A jacket can replace our jacket or coat. If we choose a looser cut, it will also go well with shorts or a favorite T-shirt. 


Women love jeans. They are a staple in every closet. They are ideal for everyday creations, but also for more special ones. In this case, it all depends on what we decide to combine our jeans with. When the weather plays tricks on us, it is worth choosing a particular model of jeans. A great option for warmer days will be those with holes or shorter ones that end before the ankle. For cooler times, classic models will be ideal. 

Loose sweaters and bedspreads

Cardigans are a fantastic fashion solution used by many people between summer and autumn. The cuts of sweaters are varied. Every woman will find her favorite model. In the offer of popular stores we can easily find short, long, thin and thick sweaters. It is worth paying special attention to unbuttoned sweaters. They are versatile. If the weather suddenly improves during the day, we can easily take them off or simply unbutton them. Cardigans go well with shirts or currently fashionable tops. 


Vests are extremely useful in the transitional period. They are fashionable and, above all, practical. The hood, which they usually have, is great for windy days. Vests are an additional layer of warmth. Imposed on any creation, they add originality to it. 

Basic rules

The main principle of planning styling in the transitional period is their versatility. When the weather is changeable, we should meticulously anticipate what clothes will be adequate both on colder and warmer days. Let’s look for solutions that are simple, but also in line with our sense of aesthetics. Let’s look around for clothes that we can easily shed when it’s hot, but also work well when we need an extra layer of warmth.

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