Food intolerances vs. skin. Find out how diet can “reflect” on our face

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Healthy and beautiful skin? We all dream about it. Find out how diet affects the appearance of our skin and make positive changes in your life!

Healthy and beautiful skin – a goal worth striving for!

It is understandable that each of us wants to have a healthy and beautiful complexion. We invest in expensive cosmetics, but at the same time we sometimes overlook the role that diet plays in all this. A healthy balanced diet works wonders. Instead, we often fall into various traps such as elimination diets. This is not always a bad solution, but in many cases it can lead to serious deficiencies. Think twice before you decide to do it!

Food intolerances – the buzzword

Surely you have heard at least once that someone has a food intolerance and follows an elimination diet. This is a very fashionable slogan and approach lately. However, there are two sides to every coin – in this case it’s worth taking a closer look at IgG tests, which are designed to detect hypersensitivity to specific products and help in the decision to follow an elimination diet. Such tests arouse great interest, but there is no shortage of controversy. How to perform them? It can be done in many laboratories by donating blood and paying a considerable amount. IgG tests cost from several hundred to even several thousand PLN. The price depends on the number of intolerances tested. Such tests are offered by many companies, which of course praise them as a remedy for all problems. What do the experts say?

IgG tests – what do specialists think?

Most allergologists warn against spending a lot of money on tests to detect intolerances. Some say it’s a waste of money. If tests are performed in different laboratories, there is a good chance that the results will differ significantly. According to many experts, the determination of IgG antibodies is simply an indication of exposure to a given ingredient, and their production is a normal reaction of our immune system. Allergists describe the quality of IgG tests as questionable. Dermatologists also claim, based on studies, that such tests lead to false results and do not help in the fight for healthy, beautiful skin.

Allergy – watch out for it!

It’s worth noting that an allergy is something different than an intolerance, and it’s one to watch out for if you want to stay healthy. Allergic reactions can be very dangerous – from rashes to even anaphylactic shock. If you suspect you have allergies, visit an allergologist for testing. The doctor should dispel your doubts and advise you on further action

You want to be beautiful – eat it!

If you want to have a beautiful complexion, make sure that your diet includes ingredients such as tomatoes, salmon, red peppers and nuts. These are just some examples of healthy foods that you should eat every day. Experts are pretty much unanimous here. A diet for a beautiful complexion is a diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is also important to limit alcohol, sweets and salty snacks such as crisps or sticks. And most importantly, water, lots of it! A hydrated complexion is beautiful and radiant.

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