Don’t like your smile? Check out how to change it!

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A beautiful smile is a way for many women to gain self-confidence. But what to do when you don’t feel comfortable with it? Check out our solutions!

Brighten Your Smile

Tooth whitening is a procedure that can help you achieve a beautiful smile. You can do it yourself using products available at drugstores or pharmacies. However, the process itself is often ineffective, so a better investment is to go to your dentist. You will be under constant supervision of a professional who will make sure that the whitening is successful.

If you decide to have your teeth professionally whitened, the entire procedure should take between an hour and an hour and a half. Your dentist will apply a product containing a small concentration of bleach to your enamel, and then illuminate your teeth with a laser light in twenty-minute steps. The treatment is painless.

Straighten Your Teeth

Crooked, overlapping teeth are often the cause of an ugly smile. If these are what are taking the joy out of your appearance, consult with an orthodontist in your area to discuss the possibility of getting braces.

You may be reluctant to the idea because you associate braces with heavy wires placed over your teeth. Fortunately, transparent braces are an option these days. They work just like the traditional ones, but they are invisible to the eye and do not affect your appearance in any way. However, you have to reckon with the fact that the cost of getting them fitted is higher.

If you are afraid of the process of getting braces, there is nothing to be afraid of. The whole procedure is painless. The orthodontist prepares your teeth and then glues brackets to their surface with glue, which is later hardened with a special light. At the very end he/she selects the appropriate wire. From time to time you will have to make follow-up visits, where the orthodontist may replace the wire with a thicker or thinner one, depending on the condition of your teeth. These replacements can be painful, and you may have to consume only liquids for the first few days after each wire placement, but for many people the entire year and a half of wearing braces goes smoothly.


Veneers take the form of thin shells usually made of porcelain or composite materials that, when used as dentures, are bonded to the surface of the tooth. They are an effective way to cover permanent discoloration, gaps or cracks. Well-made veneers do not differ in appearance from real teeth. They will be especially helpful for patients with diastema, which is a gap between the first two teeth.

Traditional veneers require tooth preparation prior to the procedure, which often involves grinding the teeth, sometimes to the point of removing the enamel completely. This procedure is irreversible and, unfortunately, often painful. Many people therefore opt instead for composite veneers, which you can read about on They give the same effect of a beautiful smile as their ceramic counterparts, and at the same time they do not disturb the natural structure of the tooth and are completely removable, should we want to give them up in the future.

Learn how to pose for pictures

Perhaps the problem isn’t your teeth, but how you pose for photos. When taking a selfie, point the camera at your best side of your face. Avoid taking static photos where you are looking with your head straight towards the camera. When you smile, do it naturally, without clenching your muscles. If you have trouble with this, do some simple exercises to relax your face before you take the picture. Then, use the angles to your advantage and gently tilt your head, pointing the camera up and pushing your chin out. This will make you look better.


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