What are affirmations and why should you work with them?

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It turns out that thoughts can be “reprogrammed” by replacing bad thoughts with positive ones. Learn how to use affirmations to permanently improve your well-being.

Affirmations – characteristics

This term is derived from the verb affirmare, which in Latin means “to assure” and “to confirm. Certain beliefs and notions that have settled in our mind make us unconsciously limit ourselves. Affirmations are their opposites. One such positive thought corresponds to another with a negative meaning

In other words, it is an autosuggestion that we believe becomes equivalent to an objective opinion. It concerns the way we perceive ourselves, the world, or the people in our environment. By changing this perception, we also change how we function in our reality. Affirmations utilize the creative properties of thoughts. By assimilating them regularly we can remove limiting judgments from our subconscious and in their place “anchor” those that will give us freedom and joy.

Practice not for everyone?

The positive effect of affirmations depends on several factors. In addition to doing them systematically and correctly, it is important what self-esteem a person has before and during the practice. It turns out that even positive self-suggestions can be harmful

People with negative, severely undervalued self-esteem will not only be less susceptible to them, but will also be at additional risk of developing unfavorable opinions of themselves. A positive message with too much contrast to the current one, rather than being assimilated, will contribute to a permanent lowering of well-being. In extreme cases, it can be the foundation for the development of depression.

The difference between already present and introduced autosuggestions should not be too large. For this reason, when deciding to work with affirmations, make sure that your self-esteem is rather positive. If not – then work on it first.

How to create autosuggestions?

First of all, become aware of any that you already have. Take a moment to write down your blocking beliefs, ask yourself where they came from and why they cause negative emotions in you. Are they coming from you or have they been instilled in you by someone else? Why are they blocking you? In what ways are they limiting you? How did you get into a situation and why can’t you get out of it? (Remember to come back to them at the end of the whole process to see if they have changed). You can use ready-made affirmations, which you can find on the Internet, or prepare your own, which will be much more effective – because they are individual.

1. They have to be created in a conscious way, that is, they have to be the opposite of the already created negative autosuggestions.

2. Formulate them in the present indicative sentences, so not: “I will…” but: “I am…”. For example: “I am in a happy relationship with my current partner” or “I am happy with myself”. Remain objective and under no circumstances convince yourself of an unhealthy relationship. If this is difficult for you, do it gradually: “Every day I am more and more satisfied with myself.”

3. Let the affirmations be positive, devoid of denial. They cannot involve emotions such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, or sadness. Focus on what you would like to receive or achieve.

4. Include the very essence of your desires. Avoid long sentences full of metaphors and elaborate details. Be precise – the simpler the message, the better.

5. You should really believe in them. Don’t say them without conviction, know that you have the power to make things happen and can use it to your advantage. Don’t forget – you have the power, not the affirmations themselves!

6. Each affirmation should begin with “I” followed by your name followed by your name.

Self-suggestions can be written down and read, recorded and listened to. Choose the form that suits you best, as well as the time – some people like to do this practice in the morning, others prefer shortly before going to bed. The first effects of working with affirmations may appear after 21 days. See for yourself if this is something for you.


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