Ideas for refreshing drinks you can drink all summer long!

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On hot days we often need refreshment. With the help of fruit drinks that provide this refreshment. In this article we present recipes for delicious summer drinks!

Mint lemonade

This is an extremely refreshing drink that perfectly cools down on hot days. In taste it is sweet and sour, except that you can adjust the sweetness as you wish. It is delicious!

Ingredients for making the drink:

  • 250 ml of cold water,
  • 5 mint leaves,
  • juice of one lemon plus one slice for garnish,
  • 2 teaspoons of brown sugar (or more as desired),
  • a few ice cubes.


Place all ingredients in the cup of a blender and blend. The finished drink can be poured into a tall glass, decorated with a slice of lemon and a straw. 

Strawberry lemonade

This is a drink that allows you to enjoy these delicious seasonal fruits. It is very healthy and refreshing. No sugar is needed for it!

Ingredients for making the drink:

  • a handful of strawberries,
  • 250 ml of water,
  • a few ice cubes,
  • 3 mint leaves,
  • a teaspoon of lime juice,
  • a teaspoon of honey.


Blend all the ingredients except the mint. Pour the whole thing into a glass, add a straw and mint leaves for decoration. 

Banana-coffee cocktail

This is something for coffee lovers. The combination of its flavor with the sweetness of the banana gives a wonderful taste experience. The banana-coffee drink is tasty, as well as nutritious and stimulating thanks to its caffeine content. To prepare it you need a small amount of ingredients!

Ingredients for making the drink:

  • 1 large, ripe banana,
  • 150 ml of milk,
  • 2-3 teaspoons of coffee brewed in a small amount of water.


Peel the banana and cut it into smaller pieces. Brew the coffee in a small amount of boiling water. Then place the fruit, milk and coffee in the cup of a blender and blend to a smooth paste. If the drink gets too thick, add more milk or water. 

You can use any coffee to make a banana-coffee smoothie. If you like loose, use loose, and if you are more convinced by instant – add it. However, you will get the best tasting version when you add coffee from an espresso machine (single or double espresso).

Apple and cucumber refreshment

If you need a quick refreshment, then this juice suggestion will be best for you. It’s a vitamin bomb that will cool you down on a hot day, and what’s more, it will stimulate you. You will use only 3 ingredients to make it. 

Ingredients for making the drink:

  • a few mint leaves,
  • 4 apples,
  • half a cucumber.


Peel the apples and cut them into pieces. Cut the cucumber into strips. Run the whole thing through a juicer and pour into a glass. Add a straw and 2 mint leaves for garnish. 

Orange-ginger vitamin bomb

Do you like the aftertaste of ginger? This is the juice for you! A two-ingredient vitamin bomb that is able to put you on your feet on a very hot day. 

Ingredients for preparing the drink:

  • 4 oranges,
  • a piece of ginger,
  • a few ice cubes.


Peel the oranges and squeeze them through a juicer. Transfer to a glass with ice cubes. Then grate a piece of ginger on a small mesh and add to the whole. Mix thoroughly. Done!

main photo: Hotchin

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