Adult acne – we suggest what lifebloods to use to enjoy a smooth complexion

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Acne is not only the bane of teenagers. Many adults struggle with it as well. Do you have this problem? Learn about the causes and how you can fight it. We present several ways.

Causes of acne in adults

The skin disease acne most often affects adolescents entering puberty. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that at a certain age pimples will magically disappear. Sometimes they appear only after 30 or even 40 years of age and more often in women than in men.

All imperfections of our body and face reflect on our mood, self-esteem, cause complexes and lower self-esteem. In addition, while ladies can at least partially cover these changes with makeup, men have a difficult task

The most important thing, however, is to discover the cause of such a state. Remember that often it is our actions that cause the deterioration of the appearance of our skin. To begin with, it is worth visiting a doctor, because it is possible that we have hormone fluctuations and they produce excessive amounts of sebum. This is where a gynecologist or endocrinologist can help. Acne can also appear after stopping contraceptive drugs, so it is worth to consult a specialist.

Equally important is our lifestyle. All stimulants, bad diet, eating a lot of salt, sugar and highly processed products have a negative influence on our skin. It is also good to check if we do not have food intolerances – they can also cause acne. On top of all this there is also stress, which is hard to eliminate, but it is worth trying to reduce it.

We cannot forget about face care, and in fact, the mistakes we make. Perhaps we do not thoroughly cleanse our skin from impurities and make-up or we use cosmetics that are not suitable for our skin or we put too many irritating products on it

How to get rid of acne in adults – reach for these lifesaving wheels

Looking at the above mentioned causes, acne can be eliminated by regulating hormones and taking care of the health of the whole body. If the problem is caused by stress, bad food and stimulants, we should avoid them and eat mainly fruit and vegetables (sometimes it may turn out that supplementation with B group vitamins, biotin, zinc and selenium will be necessary). And let’s replace stimulants with meditation, yoga, physical activity, walking – anything that will make us happy and will distract us from the problems of everyday life.

However, we have to remember that Rome was not built in a day and adult acne, although usually milder than youthful one, is more difficult to get rid of. Therefore, patience is needed.

Facial care cosmetics are also an important aid. First, cleansing – here we use only mild preparations dedicated to problematic skin (absolutely do not go to bed without a thorough makeup removal!). It is good to reach for dermocosmetics available in pharmacies. The same applies to creams – they should be light, moisturize the skin and not clog pores (that is non-comedogenic)

Regular exfoliation of the epidermis is also very important, but in no case should it be done with a fine or coarse-grained scrub. Any particles and mechanical friction can cause the spread of bacteria all over the face. On the market you can buy many enzymatic scrubs, which have a great effect.

Finally, there are still preparations prescribed by doctors. We are talking about ointments, creams and gels usually intended for topical application. In their composition we can find antibiotics, retinoids or azelaic acid.

The final step, which is associated with a number of side effects, is the use of strong derivatives of vitamin A, namely isotretinoin. Such treatment lasts up to six months, and during this time the woman can in no case get pregnant. In addition, headaches, hair loss, liver damage, dryness of mucous membranes and many others may occur. In this case, treatment must be done under the strict supervision of a doctor.


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