Why should you start playing tennis?

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Sport is a great form of leisure. It is great for your mood, reduces stress and helps you stay healthy. An excellent form of training is tennis. It is a sport that many people have come to love. From the article you will learn more about tennis. 

History of tennis

The birth of tennis took place in England in 1873. It was then that Harry Gem came up with the idea of combining English racket games and Spanish pelota. The sport became hugely popular when it was added as a sport at The All England Croquet Club in Wimbledon in 1875.

In Poland, tennis became fashionable when Jerzy Janowicz and Agnieszka Radwanska took up the sport. Contrary to appearances, it is not intended only for rich people. An investment of large sums of money is not needed to start this game.

Rules of tennis

Tennis is played on a specially designed court. There are 3 types of this game:

  • singles, which is played between two players of the same sex;
  • doubles, which is played between teams of two (all players are of the same sex);
  • mixed, which is played between two two-person teams, and there may be players of different genders on the teams. 

A tennis match consists of sets, which in turn consist of games. Games, in turn, consist of points awarded for a single tennis exchange. If the players reach a 40:40 tie, it means the so-called balance. Then one of the players must win the next two exchanges for a win to occur. 

The first point – 15.

The second point – 30.

The third point – 40.

If a player wins the fourth point, it means that he won the game, but provided that the opponent won a maximum of two points. 

Advantages of playing tennis

Mental development

In the game of tennis, it is not only physical skills that count. The mind is equally important. Playing tennis teaches tactical thinking and observation. It helps acquire the ability to think long-term, and improves self-esteem and discipline. 

Improves health

Regular sports have a positive effect on lung capacity, improve blood circulation and prevent heart disease. Playing tennis also boosts immunity, so people with health problems should take an interest in it.

Development of physical fitness

Playing tennis is a type of sport that engages all muscle groups. It allows you to burn fat and lose weight. This game also improves reflexes and agility.

How to start playing tennis?

Learning to play tennis is possible at any age. It is an all-around sport and a great social game. However, it is necessary to prepare for it well. It is worth learning the basic rules of the game. Tennis is not technically easy, for this reason the first steps should be taken under the guidance of a coach. This one will help tame the game, explain the rules and prevent injuries. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Josephine Gasser

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