Why is it a good idea to skip at any age?

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We often associate skipping with backyard fun. It turns out that this type of activity is not reserved only for children. Jumping on a skipping rope has many positive aspects, which will improve our motor coordination, physical fitness and perfectly oxygenate our body. For these exercises you only need a little space and a skipping rope. You should jump in athletic, comfortable shoes. Find out why this is the perfect form of activity for you, no matter how old you are

Skipping is a great way to incorporate an element of cardio, or performance training, into your workouts. You literally only need to spend 10 minutes each day jumping rope to see noticeable results after a month. It’s a simple way to improve your physique, improve circulation, and even model your legs. Let yourself be persuaded to this type of activity and try the challenge

Who can do jumping jacks?

Skipping is a great sport for everyone. It can be practiced by young children as well as grandmas and grandpas who are retired. It is a simple way to speed up your heartbeat and oxygenate your body. It is an interesting alternative for people who do not like running and spending time on a treadmill. It is perfect for people who are slightly overweight, who are in the process of dieting and losing excess weight

What are the contraindications to training with skipping rope?

There are some people who should give up skipping due to their health condition. In their case the better form will be milder trainings like light jogging or calm walking. You should not jump

  • people who are very overweight,
  • persons suffering from joint pain,
  • people with circulatory problems or heart failure,
  • people with known bone fragility

How to improve jumping on a skipping rope?

As with any type of exercise also in this case counts technique. If you want to correct jumping it is worth to do it only on the toes – from them start and end jumping. It is important to keep an upright posture. It is worth keeping the elbows close to the torso. When jumping, you need to tighten your legs, abdomen, and arms


Main Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/ pexels.com

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