The ABC of skin care for 70-year-olds

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Who said that a woman in her seventies should not take care of her skin? At this age, all the more reason for ladies to take care of their skin. Here are the ABCs of skin care that every 70-year-old woman should become familiar with

A woman already at a young age should take care of her skin. It has an impact on how it will look later. From an early age, our body should receive a proper dose of care. Such things as: poor diet, smoking or lack of SPF creams in the cosmetic bag is very important. So, how should a 70 year old woman take care of herself?

Why should a senior woman take care of her skin?

There is no age range in which women should stop taking care of their body and skin. What our body will look like in 30-50 years depends on us. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this issue earlier. You should not give up skin care at an older age. Especially since the feeling of beautiful and smooth skin has a great impact on our mood and adds to our self-confidence.

What does the skin of a 70-year-old woman look like?

The way a person looks when he or she has passed the seventy-year mark is determined by the way he or she lives, whether he or she uses drugs, takes care of rest and regeneration of the body and his or her past illnesses. As we age, we are more and more susceptible to external factors. Probably poorly cared for skin in the old lady, will be dry, with visible discoloration and damage from the sun (no use of sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the sun). Wrinkles are also affected by skin care. Wrinkles are also a matter of taking care of the skin, because in some people they may be less visible, and in others more. Such skin primarily needs three things: exfoliation, hydration and regeneration

What should skin care look like after seventy?

First of all, the skin should be exfoliated regularly so that it is perfectly prepared for further skin care. Products designed for women over 70 should have in their composition such ingredients as vitamins and antioxidants that support the process of rebuilding and regeneration of the epidermis. And unfortunately at this age its reconstruction is slowed down. In addition, creams for mature skin should contain vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Both these components not only regenerate the skin, but also improve the color and perfectly deal with discoloration

Mature women should not forget about retinol. This is a wonderful substance with brightening properties – it eliminates existing discolorations and prevents the formation of new ones. It perfectly rejuvenates and smooths the face. Creams for mature skin care should have an oily or semi-oily consistency. In addition, the use of sunscreen is mandatory. Skin care should not be based only on creams. Ladies who are over seventy years of age can also benefit from various cosmetic treatments that are specifically tailored to their age. Such treatments as needle mesotherapy (designed to delay skin aging) or treatments with hyaluronic acids (improve elasticity) can positively affect the condition of the complexion.

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