A safe walk in the woods, or how to deter ticks from yourself?

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Have you seen the meme where the wolf dad addresses his child saying: ” Son, no other creature living in this forest inspires as much fear in humans as we do. Be proud of that,” and the young wolf responds, “We’re the ticks, Daddy?” However, this joke shows that ticks inspire more fear in us than wild animals. These little arachnids can carry many dangerous diseases, so their bite can be very dangerous. We suggest how to prepare for a walk in the woods to ward off ticks.

Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis are among the most serious diseases transmitted by ticks. However, it is not worth to completely stop walking in the woods, because contact with nature has a very positive effect on our body and well-being. Moreover, ticks can also be found on meadows, in gardens or even on home lawns. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to protect yourself from them

6 ways to repel ticks

  1. Citrus scents – such fragrance notes can effectively repel ticks. It is enough to massage a few drops of lemon juice behind the ears and on the inside of the wrists. In addition to this treatment, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the woods, i.e. long-sleeved pants and blouse, and covered shoes
  2. Essential oils – another way is to apply essential oils. Ticks do not like the smell of eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, cedar, thyme or peppermint. It is worth remembering that not every oil can be applied directly to the skin, so you can carry a tissue moistened with a suitable cosmetic
  3. Plants – ticks, in addition to plant extracts, also do not like the direct smell of plants. You can take the leaves or stems of horseradish, catnip, chrysanthemum, or sweet cress with you on a walk in the woods
  4. Neem oil – Indian honeybush has many medicinal properties, and it is from it that neem oil is made. It can be applied directly to the skin, and with the addition of water, it can also be sprayed on our pet
  5. Garlic oil – garlic consumed regularly changes the smell of our skin, which ticks do not tolerate. Many people spray garlic oil on their lawns in the summer to keep uninvited guests away
  6. Diatomaceous earth – this is extracted from the fossilized remains of aquatic organisms. To get to know ticks from the garden, lawn or square, it should be sprinkled generously there


Main photo: jasmin chew/ pexels.com

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