The ABC of skin care for 50 year olds

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Facial skin, regardless of age, requires special treatment. Women over 50 strive to keep their complexion fresh and youthful looking for as long as possible. To this end, cosmetics with good composition should be used. It is also worth performing regular face massages. Diet and lifestyle also affect the condition of the skin. Learn a few secrets that will make your skin full of natural radiance

Wondering what products, treatments and activities will positively affect the appearance of your skin? Care for mature skin is not complicated, as long as you follow the general rules and advice of specialists. It is no secret that the sun’s rays and nicotine smoke have a negative effect on the skin. Another important aspect is to use cosmetics regularly, preferably every morning and evening. Morning rituals are different from those that we perform in the evening, so it is worth knowing what the differences are. It is never too late to take care of the beautiful and healthy appearance of your skin. Check out how to take care of your skin after 50 years of age to slow down the aging process. Even if the following list is obvious to you, be sure to actually implement the points it contains into your skincare routine!

Facial skin care over 50 – 5 important steps

  1. Massages to stimulate facial skin

Regular facial massages at home are an easy way to improve skin condition and smooth fine lines. Stimulating the skin gives the tissues a boost in elastin and collagen production. A great way to improve facial skin circulation will be to use a special massager or just perform simple exercises. It is very important to stimulate the skin regularly, preferably daily

  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Exposing the face to direct sunlight has very negative effects. Discoloration, skin tone problems and wrinkle formation are just some of the skin problems caused by environmental factors. Sunscreen should be the basis of skin care and protection, especially when we have already mature skin. It is good practice to use a moisturizer with a UV filter

  1. Anti-wrinkle diet

In addition to appropriate cosmetics, diet is a very important factor that significantly affects the condition of the skin. After fifty, we should pay particular attention to what we eat. It is worth eating products that are healthy and nutritious and provide the body with essential nutrients. What meals have anti-wrinkle properties? Certainly those that contain antioxidants, that is products neutralizing the negative effects of stress, pollution or sunlight. Therefore, your plate should not lack tomatoes, spinach or blueberries

  1. Miraculous effects of retinol

When looking for an anti-wrinkle cream, reach for products containing vitamin A in its pure form, i.e. retinol. This is an ingredient that improves the appearance of the skin, affects its firmness and smoothness. It also has regenerative and rebuilding properties of damaged tissues

  1. Cosmetics rich in active ingredients

In addition to retinol, there are a number of other ingredients that have a great effect on mature skin. It is worth looking for products that contain

  • hyaluronic acid,
  • vitamins A, C, E,
  • elastin,
  • squalane,
  • phospholipids


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