Elegant Christmas Makeup Ideas

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Christmas is a special time which we celebrate with our families. We sit down together at the Christmas table, at which we want to feel and look special. Check out how to create an elegant Christmas makeup and which cosmetics to use to impress with your look.

Make-up base

If you want your makeup to last for hours at the family table, it is best to put it on a suitable base, which will prolong its durability. For Christmas gatherings we recommend an illuminating base, which not only keeps your makeup better, but also gives your complexion a healthy glow.


A well-chosen foundation is the background for the whole make-up. To make your Christmas make-up look fresh and elegant, you should choose a medium-coverage foundation, which will cover minor imperfections and leave your face without a mask effect.


Powder will fix your entire makeup, tie it together and give it the right finish. For Christmas celebrations, we recommend applying loose powder on your face. It leaves a much lighter and more natural effect than pressed powder. If you have a problem with oily skin, you can use rice powder to keep your makeup in place for hours.


Make sure your face is properly sculpted and contoured to give it shape and expression. When preparing your makeup for the holiday season, use a bronzer in a warm shade of milk chocolate. This will give your complexion an extra warm and healthy look.


Blush is a must for your Christmas makeup. A healthy blush will give you a youthful look and glow. Choose a blush in your favorite and matching shade to your complexion: peach, candy pink or teal.


Some people can’t imagine their makeup without a highlighter, even more so for Christmas. Christmas is the time when you can afford a stronger highlight. For this occasion, we recommend products in champagne shades, which give a taffeta effect. Apply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and the center of your nose.

Eye Make-up

Your eye make-up should play the main role in your Christmas look, along with your lip make-up. We recommend opting for warm browns, copper and gold this Christmas. Apply matte flesh-toned eye shadow under your eyebrows. Contour the eye shape with a medium brown shade and apply a darker shade to the outer corner, blending upwards slightly. Apply a shimmering gold or copper shadow to the center of the upper lid. Give the outer corner of your eyelid a touch of shimmer. This make-up will revive your look and optically enlarge your eye.


Well-curled eyelashes are the final touch to your eye make-up. Before applying mascara it is recommended to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, which will make your eye look more open. It is a good idea to use a waterproof mascara, which will not only keep your lashes curled better but will also last longer.


Christmas is a time when you should bet on red lips. Even if you don’t wear this color every day, on Christmas you can break through and use a lipstick in this classic shade. To make sure that your lip makeup doesn’t disappear while you’re eating holiday delicacies, it’s best to use a matte setting lipstick.

Main Photo: Annie Spratt/unsplash.com

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