Boho style wedding – tips for the bride-to-be

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A wedding is a big event for every woman who decides to have one. Recently, boho style parties have become extremely popular. See how to prepare for them

Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Boho style dresses are very distinctive, but they also suit many people because they are usually airy and delicate. They are often made of lace and have small decorations, such as beads or sequins. This gives a romantic atmosphere. Minimalistic solutions are also used. There are also floral elements, which are a distinctive feature of this style. There is also a reference to the vintage style. Boho dresses are suitable for less obliging ceremonies, but still elegant. They can be chosen for a humanist wedding, which is often organized outdoors, for example, in the forest or on the beach

The color scheme of such dresses is varied. The most common are classic white, cream, ecru and ivory. Very often in such an outfit is focused primarily on the comfort of the bride. It is important that the dress does not restrict movement and you can feel at ease in it. This is a reference to the sense of lightness that is characteristic of boho

If you decide to have an area wedding, match your dresses to the temperature and season. Remember that in the evening it may be lower. Therefore, then it is worth betting on long and wide sleeves, for example. If your wedding will be held in the summer, you can choose a dress with an open back. Such a solution gives an amazing effect. However, this is an option for slightly more daring ladies

Phenomenal Hairstyle and Luminous Makeup

For a boho wedding you usually opt for a loose and slightly messy hairstyle. These may be soft, flowing waves or a casual chignon. Braids and various updos are also good options. Decorations, which are often in the form of flowers, play a big role. A popular option is to use different types of hair garlands

Decorative pins and headbands can also be used. Some ladies even opt for ribbons or bows. If you are looking for a salon that will do such a hairstyle, you may be interested in They will also do a rustic or shabby chic style updo.

Boho makeup should be light and luminous. It is good if it will delicately emphasize beauty. Use light palette and pastel colors. A good highlighter and blush on cheeks will be useful. Eyebrows and eyelashes should be emphasized more strongly. You can use a lamination treatment for this. Minimalism will work here, which is one of the 2021 trends. On the lips you can apply a bright gloss or you can use tint, which is a more permanent solution

Wedding accessories

It is also a good idea to match the decorations at the ceremony with the nature of your styling. You can bet on similar elements that will complement each other. The boho theme can be found even on invitations and vignettes. It is good to take care of every, even the smallest detail. On weddings in the boho style are used, among others, plants, feathers, lace and natural materials. There also appear rustic elements. Also important is the right play of light, which will give a unique atmosphere. For this purpose, you can use in the hall, for example, garlands

For the bride, it is worth choosing a special bouquet of seasonal flowers. It should have a natural and as free as possible character. It is worth betting on varied colors and on the combination of different species of plants. They can have a variety of shape, height and color. Such a bouquet you can successfully make yourself, if you have some free time.

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