Flower Essences for Anxiety: Yellow Pond-Lily

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You just got the news that your company will be downsizing your department, meaning one of you will be let go. It’s been an incredible experience working with your coworkers, but now you’re all worried about how to continue without each other. 

Flower essences are a holistic alternative to medication, made by infusing flower extracts in water and then bottling the flower essence. These are particularly beneficial for depression, fear, and PTSD because they use specific energy to help the body heal itself. Different types of blooms bring different qualities of energy. The yellow pond lily is associated with deep relaxation and contentment. Many people are looking for natural treatments that won’t cause side effects that conventional medications may have and thus, these can be a great way to deal with depression without the negative side effects often caused by anti-anxiety medication such as pills or shots.

Flower Essences Helping with Anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety and it can interfere with their lives in many ways. Anxiety can include a feeling of unease or dread, panic attacks, headaches, upset stomachs, or trouble sleeping. An herbalist’s recipes have helped countless people to find relief from these symptoms through the use of plants to balance and harmonize emotional states. 

  1. One particular flower that has been traditionally used to treat emotional states is Lily of the Valley Flower Essence (Convallaria majalis). In Europe, this was placed on small effigies to ward off evil spirits. It was also used by nuns to treat convulsions, epilepsy, fever, heart problems, and mental illness. It is excellent for those who feel like they are going crazy because it eases obsessive thoughts, helps you see patterns where none exist, and assists in releasing the need to control everything. 
  1. The Convallaria Majalis essence balances anxiety by encouraging acceptance of life as it unfolds. It strengthens self-confidence and allows people to go with the flow rather than resist what is happening at any given moment. 
  1. Yellow Pond-Lily Flower Essence can help bring about acceptance of whatever arises as you go through your day or night. As such it helps calm worry and regrets as well as lessen irritability and impatience. It also brings lightness into dark moods, including depression, and gives renewed energy to one’s spirit. 

Many Benefits of Using These

  1. They can help you to come to terms with your anxiety so that you no longer need it as a distraction, but instead, focus on dealing with it head-on. 
  1. With these, you don’t have to become numb or shut down in order to cope with the pain of a difficult situation. 
  1. With these, you can process difficult emotions that come up without feeling like there is anything wrong with those emotions or taking responsibility for them – this allows them to heal without any pressure from us, and let the process work itself out naturally. 
  1. They help with letting go of deep sadness and depression by lifting moods to allow lightness and joy back into our lives. 
  1. It is an excellent remedy for grief over death, separation, lost love, or broken relationships and has also been known to help with abandonment issues such as abuse (physical, emotional), neglect, family members moving away, and breakups between friends/family members who used to be close. 
  1. They can provide comfort when we are too sad to do anything else except sit around feeling sorry for ourselves; it brings hope back into our lives and reminds us that life will go on even if we are not quite ready yet. 
  1. They help ease feelings of anxiety that result from being confined and pressured at work, school, or home. So, if you’re struggling with feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction because nothing seems good enough or right, these may be just what you need to find peace again in your life. 
  1. They help bring calmness to restless souls and clear sight to those who suffer from addiction, depression, fearfulness, or mental exhaustion. 
  1. It restores sanity and balance during times of transition while helping one make decisions based on logical reasoning rather than emotion alone. 
  1. It also provides support during times when we feel stuck because we cannot see how we will ever get past where we are now and reach our goals.

There are many essences that can help with anxiety, but if you do not have access to these or want to go about your day-to-day life without a bottle close by, try one of these instead. Focus on deep breaths and let yourself gradually feel calmer as you inhale and exhale. Try out some activities that you usually enjoy when you’re feeling anxious (e.g., cooking, running). Spend time with friends or family members. Take some time alone and meditate while reading a book. Also, for the best essences in town, have a look here

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