How does shea butter affect skin and hair?

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Shea butter is an oil originating from Africa with a solid consistency and yellowish color. It is a real vitamin bomb and one of the most effective natural cosmetics. It can be used on every part of the body and on hair, and even as a frying oil or a side dish.

Skin care with shea butter

Shea butter is distinguished by a rich composition and wide range of properties, although this does not go hand in hand with a beautiful scent, because it is quite specific. It can be successfully applied on the skin all year round, regardless of the season, because it does not clog pores in any way. This cosmetic is suitable for sensitive and dry skin as well as for demanding and mature ones, and even for acne. It is also recommended for people with allergies, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. It is also suitable for the care of the skin of infants and small children.

It perfectly soothes irritations, regenerates and nourishes the skin while making it firmer and more elastic. It has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against harmful UV radiation, which is particularly useful in summer. In winter it protects the skin from changing weather conditions, especially wind and frost. Moreover, it delays skin aging processes and moisturizes it strongly.

Shea butter is so safe and delicate that it can be used under the eyes to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles, as well as a base for eye shadows.

To all these properties, we can add at least one more – used daily, shea butter has a positive effect on the regeneration of scars, bites and burns.

In conclusion, this is a very versatile cosmetic. You can use it as a day and night cream, eye cream, as a body lotion, topically on dry and cracked hands, elbows, heels, knees and lips. It can also be used for massage and in the bath (just drop a small piece into a bathtub filled with water).

Hair Care with Shea Butter

Shea butter has a beneficial effect not only on the skin of your face and body but also on your hair. It works especially well if our strands are dry, damaged and brittle and if we often colour them and use hair dryers, hot straighteners or curling irons for styling.

Just as this cosmetic protects your skin from external factors, it does the same with your hair – in winter from the cold and in summer from strong sun, creating a protective barrier. It also perfectly protects the ends from splitting. Shea butter is great at retaining moisture, giving your hair a healthy, natural shine and smoothing it.

You should also be aware that shea butter can be applied not only to the hair itself but also to the scalp. The cosmetic nourishes hair roots, promotes their growth and at the same time helps in the fight against dandruff as well as dry cuticles and irritations. It also restores the right level of hydration when we struggle with excessive oiliness.

The shea butter can be used as a hair conditioner, hair and scalp mask, as a serum for the ends or for oiling. It is worth using it on its own, but manufacturers of hair cosmetics are well aware of its great properties, so they often add it to ready-made shampoos, conditioners or masks. We can also add a piece of pure butter to our favorite products to enhance their effects.

When it comes to hair masks, all you need to do is apply shea butter to slightly damp hair (and scalp if it needs it) and spread it thoroughly, then wrap the whole thing in a towel and leave it on for at least twenty minutes, but you can even leave it on overnight. If you are oiling your strands, you will need to heat it up so that it gets a liquid consistency. Then apply it to dry and unwashed hair and rinse after an hour. To protect the ends, apply the butter to dry or damp strands.


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