What advantages do natural cosmetics have?

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The cosmetics in your shower and on your dressing table contain a lot of chemicals and artificial additives. Some of them are good and necessary, while others are completely unnecessary

Natural cosmetics are characterized by the fact that they use as few additives and preservatives not derived from nature as possible. Is it worth replacing the contents of your cosmetics bag with organic products and abandon the use of popular discount brands? We tell you about natural cosmetics.

Less risk of irritation

If you have sensitive skin, prone to irritation or are an allergy sufferer, natural cosm etics are less likely to cause adverse effects on your skin. Limited amount of inorganic ingredients makes the risk of allergic reaction or painful and visible irritation significantly decreases.

Natural cosmetics still need preservatives, which protect the product from spoilage and the multiplication of harmful bacteria in it. However, natural face cosmetics contain only the necessary ingredients, without unnecessary and cheap fillers that can cause skin problems. Thanks to this they are much less likely to cause allergies or irritate sensitive skin

Beauty from nature

Your skin and everything that grows out of it are products of nature, so solutions taken from nature work best for them. A natural, silicone-free shampoo based on mild detergents like coconut will have a fantastic effect on your scalp. An organic conditioner will give your hair an incredible shine and make it much healthier and nicer.

Natural facial cosmetics also have a better effect on the condition of your skin than their counterparts from popular brands, which are full of ingredients of questionable quality and effectiveness. Facial skin is extremely sensitive, and if you have an oily skin type and struggle with acne, strong facial cleansers and creams full of pore-clogging ingredients will only make it worse. Opt for nature and simple solutions and you will quickly see that they give you the best results

When it comes to your nails, conditioners in the form of natural oils in combination with cuticle massage will give great results, and they are much healthier than conditioners with formaldehyde or other not so interesting ingredients

Natural care

Using natural hair care is like eating healthy food. It will not bring immediate results overnight, but with consistency and commitment will give positive, long-term results. Using what nature has given you and turning it into cosmetics that benefit your skin is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The power of plants is incredible, so rose or lavender hydrolate will moisturize your skin and soothe any irritation it may have. Witch hazel and tea tree, on the other hand, have strong antibacterial properties, so they will be fantastic for acne. Enzymes from exotic fruits such as papaya or pineapple are great active ingredients for enzyme scrubs that won’t irritate or hurt your skin, unlike their mechanical counterparts

What comes from nature can be transformed by man into a wonderful cosmetic ingredient that can best handle your skin’s needs.

Main Photo: Eva Nouhet/unsplash.com

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