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Are you in a hurry in the morning and every minute is precious? Then 2-in-1 cosmetics, or multifunctional cosmetics, can help. Thanks to the fact that they combine features of two products, they work much better. We have prepared a short guide, in which we discuss the question of whether it is worth using 2-in-1 cosmetics. Find out!

What kind of 2-in-1 cosmetics? The most popular types

The cosmetics industry is extremely well-developed and every now and then there are new innovations, breakthrough formulas, precious ingredients and environmentally friendly solutions. In all this we also have a wide range of 2-in-1 cosmetics, i.e. having several uses.

Multifunctional cosmetics can be found in almost every category – among products for washing, bathing, face, skin and hair care and make-up products. For example, we have a cleansing shower oil, a BB cream with a makeup base, a CC cream with a sunscreen, a scrub with a mask, a micellar lotion with a toner, a shampoo with a conditioner, a mascara with a conditioner or a blush in one.  

Why use multifunctional cosmetics?

As you can see from the above, there is no shortage of 2-in-1 cosmetics on the Polish market. Here are the biggest benefits of using them.

They save time

We like to reach for multifunctional cosmetics especially in the morning. So if you take a quick shower and do not have time to later rub in a lotion, use the already mentioned cleansing shower oil. It will not only wash our body, but also moisturize it. 

The same goes for your hair – applying and rinsing off shampoo and conditioner takes longer than using a 2-in-1 cosmetic, i.e. a shampoo and conditioner closed in one container.

Moving on to make-up, we save minutes by choosing BB cream or CC cream. We can also highlight our eyes and cheeks with one product.

Saves space

2-in-1 cosmetics are perfect for fans of minimalism. They take up twice less space on your shelf, in your make-up bag or on your dressing table, but they are just as effective. This is a good time to declutter your cosmetics collection and get rid of unnecessary excess. 

We appreciate this type of products in at least one more situation. Namely, while travelling, when we not only have limited luggage, but also simply do not want to carry unnecessary kilograms.

They contribute to less waste production

Reducing the number of cosmetics you own and taking an interest in those with multifunctional properties is also good from an ecological point of view. Instead of two packs, we have one, which means we produce less trash and therefore pollute our planet less.

They make skincare and makeup easier

Finally, there is one more benefit of using 2-in-1 cosmetics. It’s that they make skincare and makeup easier to do. We do not have to go through complicated steps. For example, instead of applying a cream, waiting until it is absorbed and then applying a foundation (with fingers, a sponge or a brush), we simply have a BB or CC cream, which perfectly fulfills both tasks.

As you can see, using 2-in-1 cosmetics is definitely worthwhile. And in many ways. So don’t wait to try them out on your skin or hair.

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